Monday, October 29, 2007

Saudi King goes to the UK. Tells UK "the world is not taking terrorism seriously"

Ok, ok. King Abdullah didn't quite call them "sissies", but close enough. Before departing on his extremely rare trip to the UK, the Saudi King gave an interview with the BBC in which he urged the UK to become more diligent and "serious" in the fight against "terror",
the Saudi monarch said he believed most countries were not taking the issue seriously, "including, unfortunately, Great Britain". (I guess the recent HUGE highly controversial BAE weapons deal wasn't enough to satisfy the King)
"he said the fight against terrorism needed much more effort by countries such as Britain and that al-Qaeda continued to be a big problem for his country.

BBC world affairs correspondent John Simpson says King Abdullah is annoyed that the rest of the world has largely failed to act on his proposal for a UN clearing house for information about terrorism." BBC
"We have sent information to Great Britain before the terrorist attacks in Britain but unfortunately no action was taken. And it may have been able to maybe avert the tragedy." King Abbullah
Isn't that cute. Saudi Arabia produced the 15 wretched souls who dropped our Twins, produced the despicable, Osama bin Laden, commits thousands of Human Rights abuses everyday, yet the "King" AKA Bush's BFF, still feels it's appropriate to tell other nations "they aren't serious" about fighting terrorism. Yup..that was a little regurg I just tasted. Pathetic.

Hey King, get your "house" in line then start ridiculing. Those who live in "glass houses" shouldn't throw stones. And the ridiculous idea of a "UN Clearing House" for terrorist information is absurd. Why would the West offer up her information to the very "nations" that support "terror" against them?

Watch the interview with the King.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, they found out their fellow Saudis were raising funds to finance the London bombings, and tipped off the British a year before the attack:,,1702660,00.html

Therefore, it really is all Great Britain's fault, don't you see?

Never mind the fact that the Saudis have also been implicated in every other major terrorist attack in the past two decades: