Saturday, October 27, 2007

Introducing "DIPNOTE": The Department of State enters the Blogosphere

Finally it's unveiled, The Official Blog of Department of State . Yeah...Boo.

Dipnote, describes itself as an, "opportunity for participants to discuss important foreign policy issues with senior Department officials."

What's their mission?..Well..according to the State Department,
The mission of the U.S. Department of State is to create a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world for the benefit of the American people and the international community.

Through its websites and other online resources, the Department offers broad public access to a wide range of information. offers the public an alternative source to mainstream media for U.S. foreign policy information. This blog offers the opportunity for participants to discuss important foreign policy issues with senior Department officials. Heath Kern, Editor in Chief

Here is their "Welcome" message,
Welcome to the State Department's first-ever blog, Dipnote. As a communicator for the Department, I have the opportunity to do my fair share of talking on a daily basis. With the launch of Dipnote, we are hoping to start a dialogue with the public. More than ever, world events affect our daily lives--what we see and hear, what we do, and how we work. I hope Dipnote will provide you with a window into the work of the people responsible for our foreign policy, and will give you a chance to be active participants in a community focused on some of the great issues of our world today.

With Dipnote we are going to take you behind the scenes at the State Department and bring you closer to the personalities of the Department. We are going to try and break through some of the jargon and talk about how we operate around the world.

We invite you to participate in this community, and I am looking forward to stepping away from my podium every now and then into the blogosphere. Let the conversation begin.

PS - We're new at this. It looks like we broke our own rule and used State jargon in our blog title. "Dipnote" refers to a diplomatic note. It is one of the many ways in which governments formally communicate with each other.

The dictionary definition of a diplomatic note is: "A formal communication between an ambassador and a minister (usually the foreign minister) of this host government or another ambassador." Dipnote/State Department

they have videos, too.
How cute, they gave US a P.S. America, FEMA has recently been "busted" for creating their own press. Welcome, Dipnote, the Department of State's attempt at "creating the news".

and to think...I wanted to be a diplomat. Training wasted, I don't fit in with these criminals. The United States will never change her outlook upon the world unless we start realigning her priorities. Look at the figures..until the State Department receives more funding than the Pentagon, the "stick" will always speak louder than the "carrot". Until the U.S. fixes the disparity...Diplomacy will always come second to Bombs.

Bombs might be louder than words, but they only solve the problems in the short term. We need leadership with a vision of Peace and Prosperity, of Hope and Progress. We don't need "Bushness as Usual".

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Same Players. Different Scandals.


Dipnote Bloggers said...

All that we ask is that you give Dipnote a chance. It's an honest attempt to provide an open forum for people to discuss foreign policy issues with State Department officials and fellow bloggers. This week's question of the week is, "What will life in Cuba be like after Castro"?

If that interests you, post a comment and see for yourself. Just give the blog a chance before deciding whether it's a useful means to discuss foreign policy issues.

News Sophisticate said...

In response to your email..Dipnote bloggers..I will definitely give "Dipnote" a chance. By far I am not against the Department of State or anyone else. The concept of the Department of State entering the blogosphere is slightly disturbing, though.. considering the rash of "fake news" coming out of the administration.

I believe in the Department of State. I even thought of trying to get a job at Dipnote. Diplomacy will always be the answer. Until the DoS begins to get the "lions share" of the defense budget the United States will always be on the "hunt". Please, bare with me. I love foreign policy, I love Condi Rice...I thought of Condi as an inspiration during my days at college. I just want her brilliance to shine and I believe she is being held back. She is a woman of peace and I admire it to the fullest. Condi's specialty is Russian Affairs..Let her use her brilliance where she is needed. Please, Dipnote, make a difference.

Let's get this straight. I am a patriot to the fullest. I believe in the United States and I believe in our leaders, but Washington is becoming much too partisan and that is not good for America or the rest of the world.

We need to plant a larger more diverse "garden of Diplomacy"...lately all we've been reaping is pathetic undersized carrots. Let's show the world how loving, kind, and respectful America is. Not what it once was. Please, put down the stick and offer something nutritious.

Dipnote...I respect your 'mission'. I respect the 'cause'. Bloggers are powerful and I wish the DoS the most power of them all. Ask for my service and I will do what I can. But, please...Help US, too.

Send me updates and I will participate. I urge Dipnote to make the listen to the people. We are you as you are US. I am not a US basher like many..I love my COUNTRY.
"United we stand..Divided We Fall". Peace is the ultimate outcome we desire. Let's unite the divide together.

News Sophisticate.