Saturday, October 20, 2007

Iran calls US "stupid" and "Will greet U.S. with 11,000 rockets a minute"

The dominoes are about to fall. How does 11,000 rockets per minute, sound? Here we go again. On Saturday Iran warned the United States of the "sacrifices of their stupidity" if they attacked Iran. The Iranian official stated that Iran was thoroughly prepared for war and would retaliate in kind. Listen up, Mr. Bush...slow down. This drumbeat towards war is becoming deafening. We don't need WWIII!

According to Mahmoud Chaharbaghi, commander of artillery and missiles of the Guards' ground forces,

"In the first minute of an invasion by the enemy, 11,000 rockets and cannons would be fired at enemy bases...This volume and speed of firing would continue"
If a war breaks out in the future, it will not last long because we will rub their noses in the dirt" (Nope, more like '100 years)
"Now the enemy should ask themselves how many of their people they are ready to have sacrificed for their stupidity in attacking Iran"
"We have identified our targets and with a close surveillance of targets, we can respond to the enemy's stupidity immediately"
He said that the Guards' weapons were spread out throughout the country and so would not be affected by any isolated US strikes against military facilities.
the Guards would soon receive "rockets with a range of 250 kilometres (155 miles)" whereas the current range of its rockets is 150 kilometres (91 miles). afp

The rhetoric to war is increasing on both sides. Bush has "invaded Absurdistan" and he's taking the rest of the world with him. Please America...don't let Bush take US into the "dark ages of civilization". The dominoes are about to fall.

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Same Players. Different Scandal.

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