Friday, September 21, 2007

Pakistan..Butter up the popcorn. It's your turn for the 'bush Laden' Show

When can you trust a lawmaker? It depends....are you listening to Liaquat Baluch, from the Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), a major political alliance of religious groups in Pakistan. The coalition is strongly opposed to the Musharraf regime and want him ousted. When asked to give a response on the recent 'new' bin Laden tape controversy , he retorts,
"This is an attempt to turn people's sympathies in favor of Gen. Pervez Musharraf but such tactics are not going to work. I am sure that the video is a fake and made in America" iht 9/20
Get used to saying those words over and over again, Mr. Baluch. This is your first tape! We here in the west have been listening and watching this subversion for years. Prepare yourself for the show. Butter up your popcorn, settle into your sofa, turn down the lights, and watch another cheap production..produced via 'al Qaeda' with special guest appearances of the 'terrorists of the day'.

We've seen sick Osama, healthy Osama, slim gray bearded Osama, fat fake bearded Osama...We've had freeze frame with audio, freeze frame without audio, video with flames, streaming banners, and oh..can't forget about the backgrounds. Osama in the mountains, Osama in dark room, Osama in a bright room, Osama in the Lincoln bedroom. OK. Just thought I'd try to throw that one in there.

Guess what, Mr. Baluch, it's Pakistan's turn. Time for the 'ghost of bush Laden' to scare the crap out of your populace. Be careful...he may force all 160 million of you to...
'go shopping'. Call it an import. You've just received the package via anonymous courier from 'the ghost of bin Laden'

Little hint from the West...the 'ghost of bush Laden' appears during
  1. US Election cycles
  2. When Bush doesn't get his way
  3. Neo conservative political scandals
  4. Major anniversary dates for the US
  5. when 'propped up' Musharraf begins to have trouble subverting his illegal re election.
Don't be afraid. Keep pushing for your Democracy. Give Mush the boot and free yourself from the deviant grasps of the neoconservative, war profiteering, Bush Cabal.

Perhaps after a few more 'fake' bin Laden tapes we can all come together, get our costume party kits, and play 'Who Looks More Like Osama' this time? ( there's a entrepreneurial concept ). Mr. Baluch, just could get worse at anytime... if 'bush Laden' fails....Musharraf might import another dreaded program to fear your populace ...the idiot O'Reilly.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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DetainThis said...

Very nice, NS.

It must be nice for Bush & Co. to be able to designate any opposition to the Likudnik and neocon-approved party in power as terrorists. "So, 80% of the people voted for these terrorists? Sanction them to holy hell!" Imagine the ado over the election of Hamas in the Palestinian Territories, if the PA possessed nuclear weapons, or even a capable military. You can bet that there would've never been an election process in the first place — just like what we're seeing in Pakistan.

Nice article.