Friday, October 26, 2007

Don't throw bombs in New York....2 IED's thrown at Mexican Consulate

Who throws "explosive devices" at buildings?

From the BBC,
Fragments of one of the devices were found in front of the building in midtown Manhattan at 0925 (1325 GMT), according to local WABC-TV News.

No injuries have been reported and the consulate would only confirm to the BBC that there had not been an explosion.

The New York Police Department said there was an ongoing investigation.

Law enforcement officials said the devices appeared to be similar to those thrown at the UK consulate in Manhattan in May 2005, WABC said.

The 2005 blasts, which happened in the early morning, shattered windows but did not cause any injuries. BBC
Here is the WABC article. or view the wretched newscast,
Residents reported hearing an explosion at around 3:50 a.m. this morning in front of the building at 27 East 39th Street. When consulate workers arrived at around 9:25 a.m., they reportedly discovered broken glass and fragments from one of the devices. Eyewitness News is told police responded and immediately began scouring outside the building for evidence. Neither of the devices actually got into the consulate.
The NYPD Bomb Squad is on the scene investigating. None of the residents called police when they heard the overnight explosion. WABC
Shut up! "explosive devices"???...that didn't explode, but minutes later "law enforcement officials" claim they are similar to the "bombs" used during the UK consulate "attack" in Manhattan in 2005.

From the 2005 incident,
The two devices, described by police as novelty hand-grenades packed with gunpowder, were put in a concrete flower tub in front of the building.
Police studying the remains of the grenades say there is no evidence of a timing device and that they were probably detonated by hand.

Mr Bloomberg told reporters that although the British consulate was housed in the building on Third Avenue, it would be wrong to assume that this was the target of the attack.
"What exactly was targeted is still under investigation. We have no idea who did this or what the motive was, but eventually we will find out and apprehend them," Mr Bloomberg said BBC
I guess they didn't "apprehend" them. Another day, another scandal. I'm so, so scared. Come on. Who believes this crap? Staging Fear...they think we are as stupid as they are.

Same Players. Different Scandal.


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