Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Japan wants out of Afghanistan...and the vote proves it

Thursday is the day. The day that Japan officially quits their participation in the 'war of terror' in Afghanistan. Japanese lawmakers, in both houses of Parliament, have REFUSED to support their continued refueling 'mission' in the Indian Ocean.

According to Channel Asia News,
Japan's role in the U.S. led fight against terrorism in Afghanistan ends on Thursday, as Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda has failed to get the support of both houses of parliament to extend the refuelling mission in the Indian Ocean.
Japanese maritime forces have been part of the US-led anti-terror campaign for the past six years.
The move is exacerbated by the consistent pressure placed upon Japan's 'role' in the war of terror.
11 countries which have benefited from Japan's services are urging Japanese parliamentarians to reconsider their decision.
And how could the Japanese PM, Fukuda, reverse the decision of "both houses of Parliament?" Easy...dissolve the Lower House of Parliament and hope for a better outcome,
Some analysts said one option the prime minister has is for him to dissolve the Lower House and call for snap general elections.

Political commentator Minoru Morita said: "The most rational solution would be to dissolve the Lower House and hold elections to let voters decide whether they support the issue. The ruling party will have to consider whether it'll have an advantage if it holds elections now.
"However, if it refuses to do so, its decision will be contrary to popular opinion. So I think general elections will be held next spring, and this issue will be resolved soon after that."

There's also speculation that Mr Fukuda and Mr Ozawa may reach a deal for their parties to form a coalition, in exchange for the opposition camp's support of the refuelling mission.
Sorry, Mr. Fukuda...the representatives of the PEOPLE have spoken. The Japanese populace want out of the 'mission'. We can only hope that the representatives of, We the People, do the same here in the U.S. End this awful WAR. Speak for the majority..not the minority. We want out, too.

Return Democracy back to the People!

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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