Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Presidential Order that led to a "fishing expedition" with Cheney

Ahhh..isn't life just great. For George W. Bush it is. After signing an Executive Order to regulate the fishing industry, the "decider guy" decided it was time to go fishing himself.
“The executive order is part of our commitment to end over-fishing in America. And to replenish our nation’s fish stocks and to advance cooperative conservation and responsible stewardship,” Mr. Bush said.
Shrugging off the matter, Bush later stated that fishing is a much better alternative than hunting with guns considering Cheney's affinity towards shooting 'friends' in the face...
On this, his first visit to Mr. Cheney’s St. Michaels home, a popular weekend getaway spot for Washington V.I.P., Laura Bush went on ahead to lunch while he signed the order. “Guess you could say she’s the taster,”
“I love to fish. And the good news, there’s a lot of good fishing here, is because the Secret Service won’t let me go hunting with him.” NYTimes, The Caucus
But don't worry...if Bush doesn't catch more fish than Putin did on's the Secret Service frogmens' fault..
.“I hope that frogman out there does his job.” Perhaps that was a reference to the lighthearted rumor circulating that Russian President Vladimir Putin had help during a fishing trip with the president and his father over the summer.
Damn cheaters. The only fishing the President seems to be doing is 'fishing' for a reason to attack Iran. Save US all. Bush has a ONE TRACK MIND..and that mind is fixated on WWIII with Iran.

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