Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Does the GOP still exist? or are they all Neo Cons now?

Who are the GOP representing? They're obviously not representing Muslims, African Americans, Latin Americans, or the middle class. I'm not sure they even have a 'base' anymore, The Christian Right is throwing their abortion hissy fit, the Minutemen are on revolt about immigration, and the military is turning sour on the war. America, the GOP is in trouble...and it's a good thing.

For decades the GOP have been 'preaching' to US. Telling US this is good and that is bad, meanwhile they've led their party into the ground. Countless ethics scandals, bathroom escapades, etc. Once propped up by Newt's Contract with America and the Religious Right the GOP ran the the show. Now those that prowl the halls of Congress have been led astray. They've gone to... as Cheney states, "the shadows"

The "shadows" are the back room deals, arm twisting hospital visits, illegal wiretapping, they are the politics behind the the 'culture of war'. Cheney, known for his Machiavellian and secretive ways has 'preached' nothing other than war and oil..perhaps a 'little' increase in the power of the executive, but beyond that..Cheney's doctrine is war. This culture has permeated throughout the GOP. Instead of capitalizing on their past victories with the religious right they've cast themselves away from those groups that once united them. Instead they settled into 'Rovian' partisan politics. They settled for talking points and 'Bush Diplomacy' forgetting the 'base' that brought them into power.

The party line...Gives away absolutely nothing to BushCo's war on terror. Nothing is negotiable. These wars are holding the GOP hostage. Unless they break away from Bush now, the GOP is finished. We might as well just call them what they are, America's new third party...the Neo Conservative Party.

Bush and Cheney and their neo conservative cronies have completely subverted the GOP. They've used religion as a 'tool' in their quest for power. Now that they have their desired power nothing is to prevent them from wildest dreams. We are now witnessing their 'vision' of how the world should function, not how the world does function.

Return Democracy to the People...Return Democracy to the Democrats, just not Hilliary.

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