Thursday, October 25, 2007

China lead toy Fix..Relabel Toys with "Made in Hong Kong", instead of China

"the issue with Made in China products is "100% about perception" Alan Wong, deputy executive director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Absolutely ridiculous. As China is in "the throes of passing tougher regulations on toy safety" due to the largest toy recall in history, China and the United States seem to have come to the 'ultimate answer'....Relabel their toys with "Made in Hong Kong".

How did Alan Schoem, senior vice president of the risks consulting law practice of Marsh USA (and former head of the US Product Safety Commission) and Carter Keithley, president of the US Toy Industry Association 'sell' their 'fix'. According to Alan Wong, the deputy executive director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council,
"We got the impression that legislation will be passed [in the US] to tighten pre-delivery and third party inspections and to lift existing product standards," Wong said. "The level of lead allowed will be reduced from 0.06 parts per million in toys to 0.02. There will, in future, be much more stringent production controls."
it appears that, despite recent adverse publicity on Chinese products, Schoem believes the overwhelming number of product recalls was not about lead content. "Often it is about detachment of parts and sharp angles in toys, and mislabeling, such as saying a product is suitable for a three-year-old and younger, when it is made for older children." Asia Times
But it's ok everyone..according to "Shody Toy"'s all about politics, not our children's safety,
US experts told Hong Kong manufacturers that the overwhelming majority of the products do meet safety standards. He added that the current spat over product safety is politically-motivated, and could heighten as the US moves into an election year in 2008. Asia Times
and now for his remedy. According to Wong,

the issue with Made in China products is "100% about perception".
"We have our work cut out on product safety. But toy safety is not a new issue. We have been dealing with it for a long time," he said. It is unlikely that Hong Kong companies will relocate their plants to other countries to avoid having the "Made in China" label. However, a subtle differentiation is being made to use the "Made by Hong Kong" label, instead." Asia Times

Are you kidding, me? It is not "100% about perception". Simply 'relabeling' the toys with "made in Hong Kong" instead of "made in China" doesn't solve anything. From anti freeze in toothpaste, 'killer' pet food, to lead based toys..China is polluting the world with her 'cost minimzation' strategies. The United States is NOT the only nation suffering from the lax regulations. The products that come here are distributed to other nations, as well. This 'problem' needs to be remedied now. It's not about 'poltical' motivations, it's about product safety, health, and the future of our children. Saving a dollar is not worth 'sickening' our future.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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