Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tony Snow is still talking? Someone muzzle him

I thought we escaped Tony Snow? Apparently not, this weekend he showed up in Boca Raton, Florida at the American Magazine Conference spewing at the mouth about the 'intellectual vigor' of the Bush Administration,

According to an article in Portfolio.com, Highlights of the conference were provided via 'the mouth of Snow',
highlights from Sunday evening's Q&A Tony Snow. The former White House speaker and Fox News talking head played it pretty cautious, but did offer a few observations worth repeating.

On his health: "I've got a small handful of tumors. They're not getting bigger. If they stay where they are I'll die at a ripe old age and that's what I'm looking forward to doing."

On what surprised him about working at the White House: "No. 1 was how much fun it was. Believe it or not, being press secretary was a blast -- the most fun I've ever had."

On the Bush Administration's decision-making process: "You don't see it but there's a process where everything gets discussed, and there are some raging arguments.... It's not the case that something is always handed in a neat little bundle to the leader of the free world. He's gotta make some choices....When people look back at this White House, they're gonna find its one that had a lot of intellectual vigor." Portfolio.com

Tough sell, Tony, but in honor of the theme " MagaBrand Revolution", you lived up to par. Re "branding" the Bush Administration as 'intellectual' is hilarious. Snow didn't stop there. The man loves his voice...
"The newspapers have to realize that they are a niche market and the one thing they can do better than anyone else is analysis. As a guy who spent the majority of his career in print media and loves writing, it scares me that newspapers are in the state they're in."

On the effects of the 24-hour-news cycle on journalism: "There are structural problems right now that make it very difficult to cover the White House the way it should be covered....People are trying to keep up with the electronic media. So what happens is you end up thinking, what can I do quickly and what can I do that people are going to watch? ....If you're doing it in real time, you can get real stupid." Portfolio.com

And my favorite....his analysis of Fox News,
"There's perceived bias on the part of Fox because they don't treat conservatives as knuckle-dragging morons....I think the rap on Fox having a bias is an unfair one. My sense is rather than grousing with a winning formula, people ought to learn from them." (Dumbass) Portfolio.com
Be glad we are free of this partisan, lying, hypocrite, moron professing the 'virtues' of a Rovian Bush 'residency' in the Oval Office. Perino offers more comedic intrigue, anyway. The "fake news" marches on...

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