Thursday, October 18, 2007

How low can they go? Approval ratings: Bush 24% Congress 11%

Six years of 'compassionate conservatism', 'Bush diplomacy', and the 'House of Pelosi' has given rise to a 'throw the bums out' mindset'. According to the Reuters/Zogby Index poll numbers released on Wednesday, America is unhappy and our policymakers have become pathetic and almost completely worthless to US.

When is enough, Enough? When will Americans stand up and demand Action. Our infrastructure in crumbling, our enonomy is in shambles, our 'inalienable' rights are rapidly becoming privileges, our health care system is broken, our schools are declining, corporations are running the war(s)... Come on, America, are we playing a silly game of 'how low can they go'? These people do not represent US. They do not represent change and progress. They are addicted to the Status Quo. When is enough, Enough?
"There is a real question among Americans now about how relevant this government is to them,.. They tell us they want action on health care, education, the war and immigration, but they don't believe they are going to get it."

"Americans are still feeling good about a number of things in their lives, but not about the government's leadership...They are giving up on this government." pollster John Zogby
According to 991 likely voters,
The Reuters/Zogby Index (RZI), which measures the mood of the country, also fell from 98.8 to 96 -- the second consecutive month it has dropped. The number of Americans who believe the country is on the wrong track jumped four points to 66 percent.

Bush's job approval rating fell to 24 percent from last month's record low for a Zogby poll of 29 percent. A paltry 11 percent gave Congress a positive grade, tying last month's record low.
on foreign policy...
18 percent gave positive marks..down from 24 percent
on the economy...
26 percent rated economic policy positively..down from 30 percent
"The public mood is not just dark. What's darker than dark?" Zogby said. "The mood is getting ugly." reuters
What the RZI and Zogby didn't say is...Ugly means WAR. The lower these numbers fall the closer we come to another War provided by George "dubya" Bush and Richard "the Dick" Cheney. ...and just think, we could have had Gore. George Bush is by far the worst President the Supreme Court ever elected.

thump, thump, thump...can you hear the drumbeat? It's almost wartime...again

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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