Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Homeland Security tightens Grip. Entering Latin America and the Caribbean

It looks like neo imperial America is increasing her empire. Touting "the Time Has Finally Come" and "..the long anticipated event",Homeland Security and apparently her little sister the, Latin American Caribbean Security Council (LACHSS ), is holding a summit November 7-10, 2007 at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. With a goal of bringing Latin America and the Caribbean countries into the existing homeland security apparatus, the LACHSS summit has a stated mission to

...bring together leaders from government, the military, law enforcement, first responders academia, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to exchange ideas for strengthening security in the region. As the first event of its kind in this hemisphere, this summit represents a truly historic opportunity for collaboration, coordination and cooperation.

The LACHSS summit promises its attendees a unique experience and opportunity to 'collaborate' with like minded peers of 36 countries and territories from the Hall of Nations. Participants will be able to take classes, watch A/V demonstrations, receive homeland security certification and view products showcased by corporations and NGO's within the security sector.
...interaction with high-level policy and decision makers at the only event that provides that provides networking between all eight prevention, protection, preparedness, response and recovery disciples.
These "boots on the ground" operatives..have the hands on knowledge and experience to appreciate the value and effectiveness of the showcased products and services presented by our sponsors and exhibitors, as well as the applicability of these products and services in their local needs.

Corporations specializing in security technologies equipment, services and educational materials will present their products...while some 400 homeland security professionals and experts...will be attending more than two dozen high level certification and re certification courses.
Wow! Sounds exciting. there is even going to be corporate sponsors and exhibitors. I wonder if KBR will run the concession stand and open bar. Great! I need another retinal scanner, fingerprint analysis machine, my new wiretapping satellite access codes, laser weaponry. Can't wait. Oh yeah..another biometrics reader too. I wonder if Carlyle Group will be handing out 10% off coupons at the door?

Who are the keynote speakers, you ask? Well, that's a little complicated. LACHSS says they are
Truly distinguished personalities. Concerned. Committed. With convincing, in depth knowledge and insight. Keen to promote a new era in security management and enforcement in the Americas.
For starters Barry McCaffery. That's right the former Drug Czar who lost the war on drugs. Madeline Albright....and well...that's it. The other three are 'national security'.

Senior former Government Representative—Classified For Security Reasons

opening keynote speech will be delivered by a very high-level, official government representative and international spokesperson of the United States—the host country of this Summit.

Senior Government Representative—Classified For Security Reasons
ing from a Latin American country characterized by large and well-developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and service sectors, this very high-level, official government representative will deliver a keynote address on regional security integration.

Senior Government Representative—Classified For Security Reasons

Backed by a strong, private-sector based, free-market economy in the trillion dollar class, this very high-level, official government representative will address the conference in a keynote presentation on economic stability as a component of homeland security.

What the hell is going on here. Our NeW hOmeland is already expanding?..we just got her in 2001. We can't defend our current borders, yet Homeland Security sees another network to tap. Another way to spy on US. All in the name of 'security'. This is absolutely ludicrous...BushCO is going to subvert the entire western hemisphere in less than 8 years.

All the subverters of democracy are convening in November to prepare and train their cohorts in crime. How does America not see this coming. Its in our face, WAKE UP or our NATION is dead. Lost to a forgone era.

Special note: LACHSS print advertisement in Foreign Affairs read
A stitch in time saves nine. So the saying goes. When that stitch saves lives. it's imperative that immediate action is take ...Your presence will signal not only your concern, but also your readiness to fight. To fight for a more secure life. Let's together, put up a fight for the values we stand for. Those very values are threatened. This threat will not got away with words. Let's, therefore, make a stand. Together. Bringing Homeland Security to all Americas.

The attempt to blow up JFK International Airport in New York, its fuel supplies and pipeline systems, along with half of Queens, New York's largest borough, in May 2007, was a warning shot. You heard it. We count on you. Take your stand. Make history.
Check out their website and be completely shocked for yourself. The imagery and logo alone is sure to please, scare, and enrage.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Has Gen. Petraeus become our new Ollie North?

Recent revelations by the White House that the 'September Petraeus Report' will be written by the White House and its senior officials is absolutely ridiculous. Has the pot ever called the kettle black? I believe not. This is a clear sign that Petraeus has succumbed to the power of partisan politics instead of his commitment to duty.
White House officials suggested to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee last week that Petraeus and Crocker would brief lawmakers in a closed session before the release of the report, congressional aides said.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates would provide the only public testimony before the delivery of the report. It also clearly states that the president "will prepare the report and submit the report to Congress" after consultation with the secretaries of state and defense and with the top U.S. military commander in Iraq and the U.S. ambassador.
Washington Post 8/16/2001
Hasn't the same players from different scandals led US down the same path before? Remember Iran / Contra? The selling of arms to Iran to perpetuate an illegal proxy war with the Contras in Nicaragua and Honduras and in turn, have Iran increase pressure on Hezbollah to release of American held hostages. Read former Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North's emails. This scandal was huge. In fact it brings US back around to square one with our current Iraq/Iran debacle.

While Iran and Iraq were fighting their bloody war of attrition, the US was supplying Iraq with weapons and the Soviets, Iran. Then the bi polar hegemonic powers switched sides and started supplying the opposing nation. It was a huge clu$ter f@$k...In short, we were supplying the enemies of our enemies with weapons. Nothing new. What was new was an investigative committee finding North complicit.

Lt. Colonel Ollie North never stood up...never stopped obeying orders from his civilian counterparts in the CIA, Defense department, the Oval Office, etc. He allowed himself to become a political tool for the administration. As he stated under testimony "I was authorized to do everything that I did". Illegal or not, the order was obeyed.

Is this what our military general and officer corps are supposed to do? To obey all orders even if those orders are illegal? I tend to differ with this judgement. Our military leaders are not to blindly obey. They're the military professionals. They've been educated and trained in warfare, unlike their civilian counterparts in the Pentagon and the Defense Department who dabble in academic thought on war. Our military leader do this as their full time job...they know war.

Our civilian leaders know war only through academia. War is merely an academic experiment to them. Much like writing this blog is for me. Part time. The military offers the means for war...Politicians offer the justification. If the rationale doesn't 'fly'...it should be squashed and deemed inappropriate. This is where North failed. He didn't question. He didn't use his better judgement. Instead he defended the rationale.

In Iraq it appears our generals are obeying blindly. They, like US, seem to have no voice with the BushCO administration. I fear Petraeus has taken the same path. He his allowing his professionalism to be subjugated to partisan political endeavours. He is becoming the tool of subversion. The patsy. He and his military corps know what is happening in Iraq. They live the reality, not the administration who enjoy the cozy comforts of the Western White House.

His words need to be heard otherwise he has become the 'new Iraq strategy'..the old Bush strategy. In fact, didn't the last 'man in charge', Gen. Pace, not receive a 2nd term as Joint Chief of Staff in Iraq because he was getting ready to face Congressional testimony on the 'progress' of the war? BushCO pulled him. They feared Pace would cave under pressure and risk their entire fallacy of a war. Let's just hope they didn't find their patsy.

I guess we'll all find out on Sept 15th. Will the persistent lie continue? or will the man that has been sold to US as the Saviour for Iraq turn out to be a 'lemon'. The same players sold US a pack of lies to get into THIS war, are they selling US the carton in General Petraeus? I'll ask again..Has Gen. Petraeus become our new Ollie North?

A little advice from myself: History remembers all those complicit generals in WWII. They will remember you too, Petraeus. Jump ship now..don't become part of the same players cast. Stand up and defend our Nation...not the homeland. All Ollie received was a war propagandist FOX news show. Your credentials, your service, your reputation is worth much more. Especially to our children. Let the TRUTH out!

Iran / Contra: From Poppy fields in Afghanistan to the Streets of LA

1988: Indicted or Prosecuted for involvement in the Iran / Contra Scandal.
Dick Cheney, Robert Gates, Elliott Abrams, George H.W. Bush, John Poindexter, Richard Armitage, Colin Powell, Don Rumsfeld, Otto Reich, John Negroponte, Charles Allen (CIO Homeland Security), Casper Weinberger, Clair George, Robert McFarlane
Same Players. Different Scandal.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane Dean is Approaching. Where is our President this time?

The Shadow Government continues to depart

The conspiracy clan is gonna love this. Buzzflash will tear it apart. Orp will get a giggle...anyway here goes.
"There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy,its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself."
— Senator Daniel K. Inouye at the Iran Contra Hearings
Something doesn't seem right. Why are the Bush administration 'hot shots' leaving him at such a critical point in the administration? There is astrange departing from DC....as if the Shadow Government is saying 'goodbye' to US for the last time. Why 'goodbye'? They still have an election to subvert..a rare chance to watch the economy self destruct, 2 continuous 'surges' in Iraq and Afghanistan...an impending war with Iran. Surely their loyalty for BushCo is stronger than 'lame duck presidency' worries. They're the same players from different scandals. They always stick around...they're the main characters in this tragedy.

All these presummed departures led me back to a March 1, 2002 article in the Washington Post. The article detailed that BushCo ordered 100 officials away from the Capitol to undisclosed bunkers to ensure the survival of the US government after 9/11. Here are a few exerpts:
Execution of the classified "Continuity of Operations Plan" resulted not from the Cold War threat of intercontinental missiles, the scenario rehearsed for decades, but from heightened fears that the al Qaeda terrorist network might somehow obtain a portable nuclear weapon, according to three officials with firsthand knowledge. U.S. intelligence has no specific knowledge of such a weapon, they said, but the risk is thought great enough to justify the shadow government's disruption and expense.
Known internally as the COG, for "continuity of government," the administration-in-waiting is an unannounced complement to the acknowledged absence of Vice President Cheney from Washington for much of the pastfive months. Cheney's survival ensures constitutional succession, one official said, but "he can't run the country by himself."
With a core group of federal managers alongside him, Cheney -- or President Bush, if available -- has the means to give effect to his orders. Many departments, including Justice and Treasury, have completed plans to delegate statutory powers to officials who would not normally exercise them. Others do not need to make such legal transfers, or are holding them in reserve.
Civilian departments have had parallel continuity-of-government plans since the dawn of the nuclear age. But they never operated routinely, seldom exercised, and were permitted to atrophy with the end of the Cold War. Sept. 11 marked the first time, according to Bush administration officials, that the government activated such a plan.
What was missing, until Sept. 11, was an invulnerable group of managers with the expertise and resources to administer these programs in a national emergency.
the day after bombing began in Afghanistan, Bush created the Office of Homeland Security with Executive Order 13228. Among the responsibilities he gave its first director, former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge, was to "review plans and preparations for ensuring the continuity of the Federal Government in the event of a terrorist attack that threatens the safety and security of the United States Government or its leadership." read the article
in another relevent article in May 2007, "Bush changes Continuity Plan" indicates the 'plan' is still under way and is being revised due to increased 'chatter'. Some exerpts read.
designated National Security Presidential Directive 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20.
President Bush issued a formal national security directive yesterday ordering agencies to prepare contingency plans for a surprise, "decapitating" attack on the federal government, and assigned responsibility for coordinating such plans to the White House.
Other former Bush administration officials said the directive formalizes a shift of authority away from the Department of Homeland Security to the White House.The new directive gives the job of coordinating policy to the president's assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism -- Frances Fragos Townsend
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff will continue to coordinate operations and activities. Read the article
Eeeew..scary..the Shadow Government rises.. out of the ashes of 9/11. Paired with the wide ranging executive orders and signing statements, to use at moments notice, Bush has accured an arsenal in his desk drawer. If there is one thing that nobody can deny..it's that BushCo has effectively politicized all branches of our government. The judicial, legislative, and executive are all acting as one unit. Cheney would call it the 4th Branch. We the People, call it subversion....and now they say goodbye?

These guys don't protect themselves..they protect each other. Think...Cheney, Libby, Khalilzad, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Gonzales..you know..our current core subverters. Our mainstream press are saying they're running from the Bush legacy, but that's not the case. The rewritting of history is already occurring now. Their legacies have been intertwined for years. They're the same players from different scandals....and now they go on the run? hmmm. Convienient, but the historical record demonstrates they stick together...subverting the system along the way.

Are they really leaving? or are they merely moving about with an impending disaster in mind? A US/Israeli airstrike on Iran is around the corner. International chaos will arise. Asymetrical warfare will be used. Into the 'dark ages we go'. Meanwhile...they're running to their bunkers leaving US this mess and saying their final 'goodbye'.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

When people say "government" & "Legacy" think this.

The Reason For 'Blowback'..arming the enemies of our enemies

Friday, August 17, 2007

Iran/Contra: 'W' does as daddy did

Daddy had his people saying "not to my recollection"..the dumb son has them stating "I don't recall".
As we prepare for preemptive military actions against Iran .. or .. as Cheney calls them, 'meaningful consequences', let US remember where our current US/Iranian relations went awry. Let US remember..."The apple never falls far from the tree"

Same Players. Different Scandals

Do as your Daddy did Part I

Do as your Daddy did Part II

Iran/Contra Exposed

The Revealing Questioning of Ollie

Revisiting 1981: Israel and a threatening Nuclear Option

June 7, 1981 is a year that must be revisited carefully. The rising rhetoric of the Bush Administration towards Iran requires one to look through another pair of 'glasses'. For years, the Bush administration, Cheney in particular, has been 'barking loudly' and beating its stick towards Iran. The rising display of deterrence toward Iran, known as Bush diplomacy, is absolutely frightening. Moving two more carrier strike groups into the Gulf , the recent arms sale to many Persian Gulf states and Israel, the announcement of 'blacklisting' the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Gen. Petraeus' expected 'pull back' not withdrawl of troops in Iraq to 'safer areas' are much more than mere coincidence. They are formulating their strategic plans for a preemptive military strike on Iran. They are provoking Iran into an incident. This would give them the means to justify their ultimate ends. The destruction of Iran's nuclear capability. Have we forgotten 1981?

On June 7th at 3:30 in the late afternoon, eight F­16 fighter bombers and six F­15 escorts hit their afterburners and soared off the runway from Etzion Air Force Base in southern Israel. Streaking low in the skies to avoid radar detection, the Israeli pilots bypassed Jordanian airspace and flew through Saudi Arabia to enter Iraqi air space unchallenged. Reaching their prescribed destination, at 5:35 PM, the pilots unleashed their devastation . Their target, the Iraqi Osirak nuclear facility on the outskirts of Baghdad.

5:37 PM,....the first preemptive military strike of a nuclear reactor in the world had been successful. The Osirak Nuclear Facility was destroyed. Deemed Operation Opera, it has been widely hailed as a complete success. Israel took the nod from many western governments that Iraq must not possess a nuclear capability and took action. They could not have a nation in the region who, at the time, was professing Israel's impending destruction. Saddam was screaming to the world the same absurd claims of Israels destruction, as Iranian President Abedinejad has been currently. Does one think that the world will let this continue?..will Israel?...the answer is NO.

Are you starting to see the similarities? This time the Bush Cabal has a much more prominent role. They are emboldened by already having almost our entire military in the Persian Gulf region. Iran WILL NOT be allowed to continue with their nuclear facilities and enrichment programs. IAEA regulations and UN resolutions move to slowly within our rapidly changing multi polar international world. The West wants to assert their supreme hegemony. The bureaucracy will tie up action within the UN and Israel and the west will have already acted. Cheney's 'meaningful consequences' will have occurred.They will not wait for approval.

"Given the fact that Iran has a stated policy that their objective is the destruction of Israel, the Israelis might well decide to act first, and let the rest of the world worry about cleaning up the diplomatic mess afterwards," Cheney said in 2005
"The Iranian regime needs to know that if it stays on its present course, the international community is prepared to impose meaningful consequences. (Applause.) For our part, the United States is keeping all options on the table in addressing the irresponsible conduct of the regime. (Applause.) And we join other nations in sending that regime a clear message: We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon." full transcript
That will come after. After we've already entered in the "dark days of civilization" and presumptively placed the world into a generational "clash of civilizations".

Listen to their drumbeat...This is not the "last throes of the insurgency", this is not "mission accomplished", it's the beginning of a religious resistance. A struggle for survival. Iran will not play tit for tat..they will go for broke. War will be asymmetrical. Iran will unleash horrible consequences to the Bush Cabals 'oil driven west'. Iran will undoubtedly internationalize the conflict. We will have given them a true reason to chant their " Death to America". Think wisely..don't allow the subversion. Our planet depends on US. Stop watching Brittney and Kfed!...read the news..read the historical record.

Nuclear Bunker Buster Video Union of Concerned Scientists

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remembering History: Donald Rumsfeld on 9/10/2001

Now that the Administration and the US mainstream press have calmed down over touting of the new multi billion-dollar military sales package for Arab nations and Israel, its time to take a step back and realize what we've just done. This unique video mash up is of former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld lambasting the previous spending and accounting practices at the Pentagon. He states.."Its 'terrifying'.". .. and that the Department of Defense and the Pentagon will need a complete restructuring with the cooperation of Congress to provide proper oversight and manage the financial aspects of the institution.

It's amazing, just one day before the events of 9/11, Congress and the media were beginning to ramp up their coverage on a report that the Defense Department 'misplaced' 2.3 Trillion dollars of taxpayers money. Six years later.. an estimated 40 cents of every dollar spent on the war on terror goes to secretive sub 'machine gun' contractors and outsourced intelligence agencies with absolutely no oversight. Worse yet, we are now publicly arming the enemies of our enemies...again. Prepare for the impending 'blowback'.

9/10/2001 was the end of an era. It changed everything. It was, as Francis Fukuyama had previously written , The End of History, without the cheery ending with liberal western democracies winning out. 9/12/2001 was the first day of our NeWhOmeland. A place where military spending is abundant, lucrative contracts secretive, wiretapping legal, torture allowed, renditions abound, the constitution trampled, our rights subverted, Free speech denied, censorship applied....What have we done? All in the name of 'national security'..WHY?

We're not protecting our NATION, but defending the Bush Cabal fear mongering, militaristic, state. Don't let our NATION slip into the annals history and emerge as this crazed Homeland based on fear...it's TYRANNY

Watch the video and listen to what our Senators WERE saying. Listen to their disgust of military spending.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Gordon Brown and his New World Economic Order.

Craziness. Gordon Brown's New World Economic Order is coming into existence.

1961 speech Eisenhower Warns us of New World Order

Freakish video of H.W. and His NWO

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bush administration "labels" Iranian Military "terrorists"..after years of calling them terrorists

The Bush administration is moving towards 'blacklisting Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corp as a terrorist organization. Apparently they have been labeled a "specially designated global terrorist" group. This designation, created after 9/11, allows the United States to "cut off" designees from US financial markets and freeze their assets.
"The designation of the Revolutionary Guard will be made under Executive Order 13224, which President Bush signed two weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to obstruct terrorist funding. It authorizes the United States to identify individuals, businesses, charities and extremist groups engaged in terrorist activities." Robin Wright, Washington Post
What? We hadn't done this yet? We've been fighting this war of terror for 6 years and we are just now getting around to "cutting" Iran off. 6 years later and they finally received the label. The administration has been declaring Iran the number 1 threat for years. This sounds preposterous. Why haven't we done this earlier...say..when Bush gave his theatrical "Axis of Evil" State of the Union speech in 2002. Wouldn't that have been a better time to block their access to US...to declare their military as a "terrorist" organization.

Interesting. The sovereign nation state of Iran is part of the "Axis of Evil", yet their military..their elite military corps..was not "officially" a terrorist group. They were able to continue to support themselves through US investments...what? This sounds suspicious. Especially with Cheney urging 'w' to give the green light to attack Iran last week. Is this what Cheney meant on March 7, 2006 in his speech to AIPAC. Are these the 'meaningful consequences' his was threatening? or is it the bombs they're planning to drop on them. video flashback 2006 interview
"The Iranian regime needs to know that if it stays on its present course, the international community is prepared to impose meaningful consequences. (Applause.) For our part, the United States is keeping all options on the table in addressing the irresponsible conduct of the regime. (Applause.) And we join other nations in sending that regime a clear message: We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon." full transcript
"One of the main reasons that I asked [U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan] Crocker to meet with Iranians inside Iraq was to send the message that there will be consequences for people transporting, delivering EFPs, highly sophisticated IEDs [improvised explosive devices] that kill Americans in Iraq....when we catch you [Iran]playing a non-constructive role [in Iraq] there will be a price to pay." Bush, August 10th press conference
I say it again...Can you not hear the drumbeat? These guys want Iran...they are dead set on their game plan. They've been saying it for years..now looks to be their time

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kucinich Supporters Brilliant Video: The Chenguin

Video provided by 35percenters

Lynne Cheney...Put a Leash on your DOG

Throughout America we have leash laws. When one takes their beloved dogs to the park they have to keep them on a leash..in fact..one has to pick up their crap as well. This law benefits of US all. It allows US to enjoy our parks, sidewalks, neighborhoods, etc. without having to worry about being bitten or stepping into a steaming pile of CRAP. Why then does Lynne Cheney get a free pass? Why doesn't she have to obey our leash laws? Why does she continue to let her DOG run free...without a leash..letting him terrorize the global community ...worse yet, she never cleans up his CRAP.

Wake up America! Can you not hear the drumbeat? Can you not hear that damn barking DOG keeping the global community awake at night? Her DOG is rabid..foaming at the mouth..baring his teeth and readying himself to attack. That dog is Dick Cheney, the 4th Branch! Recent reports of Cheney urging his lackey, Bush, to give the green light to attack Iran is the most dangerous and preeminent threat to peace. He wants to wage another war...a war on civilization..and it is likely he is perpetrating another grave crime on the global community. Gulf of Tonkin II, if you will. Why would I say this...?? Because during the Aug. 10th press conferences. Bush has put Iran on notice..they are laying the foundations to take "preemptive action" on Iran.
"One of the main reasons that I asked [U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan] Crocker to meet with Iranians inside Iraq was to send the message that there will be consequences for people transporting, delivering EFPs, highly sophisticated IEDs [improvised explosive devices] that kill Americans in Iraq....when we catch you [Iran]playing a non-constructive role [in Iraq] there will be a price to pay."
Let US look at the larger picture..The stage has been set. The events of 9/11 has allowed the Bush Cabal to usher in a wide array of "enabling acts" to consolidate power and censor supposed enemies. All in the name of 'national security'. Secrecy is PARAMOUNT. These acts are backed by Gonzo and the rest of his neo con lackeys whom they have placed throughout prominent positions of power within our international economic and political systems worldwide. The Same Players from Different Scandals. Hell, Zalmay Khalilzad...the infamous dual source for Iraq possessing WMD's is now our Ambassador to the UN. This is after he screwed up as Ambassador to Afghanistan and then Iraq. The dominoes are set worldwide. They are only waiting for a fingertip to give them a slight shove...and we are off again. To the horrids and grim realities of war...all on 'shady intelligence'.

Iraq is a clusterF*$k, Afghanistan is in shambles, Private Military Armies are on the rise, the 'chatter' has recently increased and intensified, the global economic system is falling apart, the Russian and US Air Force have restarted their Cold War 'games' over the Pacific, Bush has signed an executive order stating he can invoke "Martial law" at any moment, we have just REARMED the Persian Gulf states and Israel with our most technologically advanced weapons,....Iran is being blamed for EVERYTHING going wrong in Iraq. Worse yet, the rhetoric appears to be backed with the force of 2 carrier strike groups settling into the Gulf seas since at least May 2007. The DOG is barking! We failed to listen to the DOG before...Let US not make that mistake again.

How could the US enter into an Iranian war? War with Iran will most likely not be started by the United States. My assumption is this is the reason we are REARMING the Gulf States and Israel.
"Given the fact that Iran has a stated policy that their objective is the destruction of Israel, the Israelis might well decide to act first, and let the rest of the world worry about cleaning up the diplomatic mess afterwards," Cheney stated in 2005
Israel will undoubtedly bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities with the NEW ADVANCED WEAPON systems that Rice and Gates just brought them. NATO and the US will then follow in step defending Israels' decision. We will have entered Samuel P. Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations".
Avigdor Lieberman Israel's Minister of Strategic Affairs, said on Tuesday that he received the tacit blessing of Europe and the United States for an Israeli military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

“If we start military operations against Iran alone, then Europe and the US will support us,” Lieberman told Army Radio following a meeting earlier in the week with NATO and European Union officials.Israel Today 7/11/07
Can't you hear the drumbeat? Recently, to make matters worse, Lt. Gen Lute has placed the Draft squarely in the center of the 'table' stating,
"I think it certainly makes sense to consider it...And I can tell you this has always been an option on the table. But, ultimately this is a policy matter between meeting the demands for the nation's security on means or another." Lt. Gen Lute on NPR
It sounds as if the 'option' might become a reality. The US military can not withstand another war. We don't even have enough troops to complete our current mission. How are they going to enter into another war..put bluntly..the DRAFT. The United States will soon withdraw of Iraq, but will not leave the region. Our boys aren't coming home anytime soon. It appears that the Bush Cabal is dead set on waging this new 'generational war'....they appear to be stating that the only way home will be heading north...straight through Iran.

With all these dangers presenting themselves to the world, our leaders have gone on vacation. The "resident in the Oval Office" has gone back to the 'Western White House' in Crawford. The Iraqi Parliament are swimming in the Green Zone pools. Our infrastructure is crumbling due to lack of money, yet we've spent a minimum of a trillion dollars on Iraq with nothing to show for it.

If there is one thing this Administration has proved to the American people it is that their voices are not heard. That their only policy is WAR. For them, war is easy to endure....as long as it is not their own children. Mitt just proved that. This apparently is the motto that the Bush Cabal and the GOP believe. Meanwhile Dick Cheney is left to wander through the empty halls of D.C. alone. Dangerous...He is way too close to the 'button'..and his finger is twitching. He needs to go NOW. Before he starts his next Corporate War. Stop this egomaniac ...Lynne Cheney...Put a leash on your DOG! America...Don't let the dominoes fall..AGAIN!

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Stop the Warmongering: Vote for our Future..not the Status Quo

Its about time: Karl Rove resigns

Remember CREEP: REwind Vintage newscast speaks volumes of Rove

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Machiavelli Revisited: '94 interview with the 4th Branch

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire

Video: Dick Cheney '94: "Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire"...admits if the US went into Iraq without allies it would lead to a US OCCUPATION. He knew his plan...he knew what would occur if we went. It's time to IMPEACH. "if you take down the Central Government of Iraq you could easily see parts of Iraq fly off....How many additional dead Americans is Saddam worth"

other musings of the 4th Branch

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Sunday Afternoon Cinema: Simpson's take on Fox News

Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Meeting Resistance" Trailer: What if America was Invaded?

"MEETING RESISTANCE", is by far the most provocative documentary to come out of the Iraq war debacle. Directors Steve Connors' and Molly Bingham have given the world unfettered access into the realities of war from the "insurgents mindset" of the American "occupation". In their own words, the "insurgents", give an emotional account of how the American invasion drove them to stand up and fight for their country.
"MEETING RESISTANCE" focuses on eight "insurgents", each with his or her own tale and reasons for opposing the American-led occupation.... The film witnesses how they began to organize themselves, reveals why they have decided to violently oppose the occupation of the country, and hears in their words the underlying ideological foundation to fight." Electronic Media Press Kit
"Their personal stories as well as their ideological ones are at once dramatic, eye-opening, and concerning..they challenge the notion that those opposing the occupation are simply "dead enders," "common criminals", Al Qaeda operatives" and "die hard Ba'athis"
view the documentary trailer and become speechless as I have. We all owe Steve Conners' and Molly Bingham a debt of gratitude for producing such a brilliant documentary. For offering US a glimpse into the REAL IRAQ. "we all bleed the same"...the world weeps together. We must end this OCCUPATION.

Meeting Resistance Trailer

Producer Daniel J Chalfen
Editor David Emanuele
current screenings in LA? Call 213.617.0268
other great documentaries
Sean Smith Into the Surge Sean Smith The Real Iraq

Friday, August 10, 2007

Canada Here We Come: Bush Cabal wants DRAFT 'on the table'

War sure is easy to endure....as long as it is not your own children. This apparently is the motto that the Bush Cabal and the GOP believe. Hear the Drumbeat...The Bush Cabal is reconsidering the Draft. Army General Douglas Lute stated on Friday, Aug. 10th,
"I think it makes sense to certainly consider it....And I can tell you, this has always been an option on the table. But ultimately, this is a policy matter between meeting the demands for the nation's security by one means or another"
Run for the borders Gen X and Y...Here comes our "d-day". What are they thinking? This war of terror doesn't even have the support of the American populace. Welcome to their NeWhOmeland. Come back to reality!

The GOP are absolutely ridiculous...if they want to continue this war let them fight it themselves...with their own DAMN CHILDREN...not ours. Below is a link that all should probably take a closer look at. GO CANADA...the land of the free....at least until the NAFTA Highway runs through it...then we are all screwed. Read the full article

Same Players. Different Scandal.
Photo Album: Vacationing with the "Resident in the Oval Office"

Photocards: Vacationing with the "Resident in the Oval Office"

Dear Karl....We miss you. You would love it down here. The fish'n was great! We caught a few black fish...but Dad said he didn't like them...so we threw those back

Dear 4th Branch, I hope all is well. Sorry I sat at your desk in the Oval Office on Wednesday..I just wanted to see what it felt like. Anyways, thanks for the vacation..Oh yeah..Mom says, thanks for the bottle.

Dear Mr. Gates, Vacation is fun, but I wanted to make sure that I have transportation for my ride home. They tried to hide the plane before we left, but I found it with my skillz. Laura kept asking..."Where's your ride, 'w'?" I used that line that Tenet taught me. I told her..."They said they would be here...That it was a 'Slam Dunk'"

Dear my favorite POW, I went on a ride with those 'border guys' today. It was fun playing in the dirt. I saw some of those people you want to keep out of my NeWhOmeland...it was funny..we squealed the tires and dirt flew all over them. What a day..Wish you were here.

Dear General BetrayUS, Dad got mad at the girls and sent them on a different vacation. He said, "They were going to an Iranian welcome party" When I get back can someone show me where this Iranian place is. I think it might be a state we own.

Yesterday we stayed indoors and watched a great video of this place called New Orleans. What a dump...and the people were a dark color too...weird.

Dear Tony, Today, Dad and I giving the Segway another try...I fell off last time...I scuffed my knee but, Jeb gave my boo boo a kiss and I'm all better now. Hey, Its hard to do after that bottle of Jack the 4th Branch gave mom and I.

Dear Gonzo, my boy, the man...Today was the greatest. We saw some of those 302 million 'poor people'..they kept calling themselves CITIZENS.What does that mean? I just gave them the finger and told them to 'shut up' or I'd send them to the 4th Branch prison on that island we have under Jeb's territory.

Welcome to the Homeland.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Friday Afternoon Cinema: Army helps to catch Mexicans with Mexicans

Nuclear Bunker Buster Video

Nuclear Bunker Buster Video Union of Concerned Scientists

Nuclear Bunker Buster Video

Nuclear Bunker Buster Video Union of Concerned Scientists

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Welcome COLD WAR II: Russian and American pilots play 'TOP GUN' over the Pacific

A shocking revelation comes to light. Reuters in Moscow is reporting that Russian and American aircraft are resuming their deadly 'games' over the Pacific. In total 'Top Gun' fashion, the Russians flew their bomber over the U.S. Military base on Guam and "exchanged smiles". Maverick....Iceman...cut the crap...these silly games are dangerous.
"It has always been the tradition of our long-range aviation to fly far into the ocean, to meet (U.S.) aircraft carriers and greet (U.S. pilots) visually...Yesterday we revived this tradition, and two of our young crews paid a visit to the area of the (U.S. Pacific Naval Activities) base of Guam", stated Major General Pavel Androsov, head of long range aviation in the Russian Air Force.

"On Wednesday, young pilots of strategic bombers passed a series of tests, including missile launches. "We fired eight cruise missiles, and all hit bull's eye...The president learned about the pilots' work the hard way," "This one flight yielded an awful lot.", Khvorov said.
Is this a show of Deterrence to the United States? Are they attempting to voice their opinion on Iran? or is this the beginning of COLD WAR II: The Bush Cabal against the world? Hear the Drumbeat...Bush is no Reagan...The Bush Cabal will raise tensions..not release them. Read the full article

Same Players. Different Scandal.

America hears the ALARM...Hits Snooze One More Time

As the "resident in the Oval Office" , Congress, and the Iraqi Parliament enjoy vacation together, the 4th Branch remains in DC creating another ill conceived strategy for his next Corporate War. Hear the Drumbeat, America. The neo con drum circle are beating their drums with intensity. Its almost wartime...again...

Co Sponsoring the War of Terror

Inside the Green Zone: American 'paradise' Revisited

As the Iraq war pushes deep into another abysmal year, the Bush Cabal are finding it harder to keep 'confidential' information secret than ever before. Slowly all their dirty little secrets will come to bare all their criminal deeds. One of these dastardly secrets is the Green Zone in Iraq. home and sole 'source' of western journalists, it serves as the HQ of the allied armed forces, western diplomats, the Iraqi Parliament, and 'base' to countless sub 'machine gun' contractors in the war on terror. Subject of many controversies, the Green Zone, IS IRAQ to the American populace. What is in this 'Green Zone'? who is there? what does it look like? Who knows...."it's national security"
Hush...stop asking questions.

In a shocking discovery...the Green Zone is an American 'paradise'. Consisting of 320 acres, on prime Baghdad real estate...the Green Zone is exactly that..a Green zone..an area in which Americans...and other 'westerners' alike can cajole and hop about within 'Iraq'. It serves as a resting place, an eatery, a tennis 'mecca', home to the few western journalist in Iraq ...it's paradise in the lands of Mesopotamia...the cradle of civilization. The Green Zone is exactly what the Bush Cabal wants to hide from the public...The real Iraq....gated "luxury Iraq".

Filled with pools, national monuments, world class date orchards, palaces..the Green Zone was once Saddam's and his associates residential zone.
"an uncrowded district of villas, palaces, and monuments set in a park like expanse that spreads for four square miles inside a meander of the Tigris River at the center of the ruined city."William Langewiesche
His personal Disneyland, if you will. Not anymore. Currently the Green Zone offers another reality...the realities of western occupation. As the rest of Iraq suffers through an occupation for 'blood oil', western companies enjoy the comforts of Iraq's' former Dictator. They have commandeered the very essence of Iraq. Take a moment a go on the tour...the tour 'w', 4th Branch, and the "domesticated" Western press don't want you to see....The missing "news" in their coverage.

Camp Victory

Failed Opportunities...Lost Souls

Humvee: Baghdad Road Rage

Green Zone Journalism...Pathetic

KBR Living

For the love of Haliburton

Sean Smith, award winning war photographer for the Guardian, Observational Films

Into the Surge and The Real Iraq
Same Players. Different Scandal.