Monday, October 22, 2007

Shoot Out in Bahrain: 2 U.S. Female Sailors Killed in "Domestic Violence" Tragedy

Photo: change of command ceremony at NSA, Bahrain, Feb. 27, 2007.

You won't believe this...Domestic violence has struck the Navy's 5th Fleet in Bahrain. According to BBC News,
"Two US sailors have been shot dead and a third critically wounded at a navy base in the Gulf state of Bahrain, the US Navy has said.

Sources told the BBC the incident was a "domestic situation" involving female sailors and not terror-related. There was no intrusion at the base.

No explanation was given for the deaths and the sailors have not been named.

The shooting took place at a barracks at US Naval Support Activity.

The base, which is home to around 3,000 US personnel - not including crews of visiting ships - was closed for about an hour following the incident." bbc
And from the Associated Press...
A U.S. Navy sailor allegedly shot and killed two female sailors early Monday in the barracks of a American military base in Bahrain, a Navy official said.

The alleged shooter, a male, was critically wounded in the shooting at the U.S. Naval Support Activity Bahrain base, said the Navy official, who was not authorized to release the information to the media and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The official did not say if the alleged shooter shot himself or if anyone else was involved, but the Navy said the shooting was not terror related and only involved U.S. military personnel. ap

Domestic violence?...2 women and a male...the Navy? Seems like they're have a wild time out in Bahrain. A complete TRAGEDY!

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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