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Lining Rudy's Pockets: Giuliani's Dirty Donors

Who feeds Rudy Giuliani's campaign? In other words..Who lines this mans filthy pockets. Guess who Rudy's three largest donors are? A 'shady' hedge fund, a 'shady' accounting firm, and 'shady' Swiss Bank. Get it..they're all shady.

12 ex U.S. Army Captians "Staying in Iraq means REINSTATING the DRAFT"

Rudy represents the new "Gilded Age of America"..the age of the money, the uber rich, the banks...the corporations. Greed and power is paramount. He is 'Bushness' as usual.

First...coming in with $225,850 we have Elliot Management. Created in '77 by Paul E. Singer, Elliot Management prides themselves as being... "a private investment partnership involved in a diversified trading program."

Diversified they are. Check out their most recent 2007 SEC filing
Elliott means action: Hedge fund firm Elliott Management takes an activist approach to investing, frequently amassing significant but minority stakes in distressed or underperforming companies, and attempting to foment change. The firm manages hedge funds Elliott Associates and Elliott International, which together manage more than $8 billion of capital for large institutional investors and wealthy individuals and families. hoovers
Want some more information from them? Give 'em yours first..they want to check you out before they hand out any information. Besides being extremely private...it appears many links that refer to them are just "dead". Tricky company, eh? Here are a few of their lobbyists

Elliot Management has also provided rudy with great private transport, as well,
Rudolph W. Giuliani, the Republican former mayor of New York, has paid more than $175,000 during the first half of the year for flights on jets leased by Elliott Asset Management, a company owned by Paul E. Singer, a hedge fund executive who is one of Mr. Giuliani’s main backers. corpwatch
Rudy's second highest contributor, Ernst & Young, coming in at $213,500, is another dubious company. Ernst & Young prides themselves as "Quality In Everything We Do". Interesting motto considering their 'shady' relationship with once again..private equity, Bush pioneers, tax shelters, and undermining Sarbanes- Oxley

Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young is one of the world’s largest accounting firms, offering its clients everything from auditing services to tax advice. Over the years, the firm has successfully led efforts to block increased federal oversight of the accounting industry. Yet the collapse of Enron and the corporate scandals that followed have largely put the company on the defensive. In 2002, the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Ernst & Young, accusing the firm of violating ethics rules when it was the chief auditor of one of its key business partners, PeopleSoft. At the same time, federal investigators launched efforts to crack down on companies that avoid taxes by incorporating in Bermuda or other offshore tax havens—a practice that has generated plenty of revenue for Ernst & Young over the years. opensecrets.org

in a letter to the SEC..five US consumer organisations...

The group says E&Y's advice 'makes a mockery of Congress' intent to ensure independence of the audit', and urges SEC to take fast action before other Big Four firms adopt a similar model. accountancyage

And finally..coming in third with 151,800, Credit Suisse Group (NYSE: CS). Credit Suisse has been involved with a plethora of SEC lawsuits and other scandalous endevours. They should feel comfortable with Giuliani and his corrupt 'henchmen'.
Credit Suisse Group
Credit Suisse First Boston is one of the world’s largest securities firms. It advises and invests in virtually every industry affected by federal legislation, including oil and gas, telecommunications, electric utilities and media companies. The company also has a major stake in the future of the stock market through its rapidly expanding online brokerage business. Credit Suisse has been one of the leading proponents of privatizing Social Security, as well as deregulating the securities industry, a move that would allow investment firms to offer up services usually available only at banks. In August 2002, after a succession of corporate scandals rocked Wall Street and Washington, congressional investigators launched a probe into alleged conflicts of interest in the firm’s dealings with Enron and Global Crossing. opensecrets.org
Thursday, April 19, 2007, approximately 300 U.S.-based pension plans, endowments, foundations, private equity fund managers, and other industry participants convened in Houston, Texas for the inaugural Credit Suisse Small and Emerging Private Equity Manager Conference.“

Credit Suisse's Customized Fund Investment Group, in partnership with Bracewell&Giuliani LLP (Rudy's lawfirm) finanznachrichten
CSFB played a central role in creating the controversial partnerships that Enron used to hold billions of dollars of unprofitable assets and that eventually contributed to its bankruptcy, the Financial Times newspaper reported.

In response, CSFB acknowledged its links to Enron but said its work was reviewed by lawyers, auditors and credit ratings agencies.

Enron depended heavily on a team within CSFB, known as the structured products group, to engineer the partnerships, according to the FT report. bbc
Rudy Giuliani is a filthy, filthy man. His pockets are lined by the people who have riddle the United States with excessive graft and corruption. If Rudy is the best the GOP have to offer...America is in deep, deep trouble. This man represents "Bushness" as usual.

The question is...why will the media not report on Rudy's dirty secrets?
The subversion of democracy continues....

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