Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The New McCarthyism: Democrats are the new Commies

Since 2001 the American government has been in turmoil. The attacks on the World Trade Center has throttled America into a new era, an era similar to the hysteria of late 1940's through the '50's. Termed 'McCarthyism' , the witch hunt for communist sympathizers ran rampant through American social, political, and economic circles. Affecting all aspects of life, McCarthyism tore the nation apart in search of the 'presumed threat' of a communist agent working within. Suspicion ruled the day. Average citizens, politicians, educators, artists, film producers.....No one was safe from the prying eyes of the McCarthy snoops. Thousands of Americans were accused of either being a communist or a sympathizer of them. Strikingly similar to our current national position. The Democrats are the new Communists.

Lately, the GOP and their mouthpiece, FOX News, have been preaching that the Democrats are weak on terror, don't support our soldiers, anti religious, and worst of all...Supporters of the Terrorist cause. What the hell is going on. Are we returning to the Witch Hunt? America is facing similar threats to that of the 1950's. As the fears increase of a nuclear capable Iran, the rise of Al Qaeda 2.0.1, the Taliban, and Pakistan, the GOP are pushing American governance back into history. Into a dark period where the Constitution and Bill of Rights were subverted to protect 'national security'. Stop the madness.

"The Democrats and those who support them" are not the enemy. We are not wild eyed, crazy leftists who support terrorism or anything related to it. We are TRUE Americans. Whatever happened to debate and discourse. Diplomacy and integrity. Where is my nation going...Are we becoming a 'homeland'? Questioning the government is American. The government and those elected to fill representative positions need to have a watchdog. They need a chaperon. That chaperon, is US the 'alternative media', those who check the accuracy of the Administration, their policies, their lies. Therefore, we are the 'presumed threat'. If you're not on the GOP 'war of terror' bandwagon...Be afraid..you are in their own words...'those who support them'.

Normally the Department of Justice would be acting as chaperon..the guardians of justice, but it has been completely subverted by Bush Administration and GOP loyalists. The Democrats are all, we the people, have left to protect US, our Constitution, and our inalienable rights from the Witch Hunt. This sham has gone on too long. The U.S. government is at a standstill. The Bush Administration is pursuing a strategy that is dividing America through the use of fear, terror tactics, signing statements, and executive orders.

The absurdity of the dialogue being espoused by the GOP and FOX News are creating an era of a new McCarthyism. A return to an era that America is ashamed of. Have we not learned? Is history forgotten so quickly? The Democrats are attempting to preserve our rights, freedom of speech, the right the assemble....nothing to due with supporting terrorists and the like. Get real...Americans are not as idiotic as our 'Resident in the Oval Office' and his Administration of 'experts'.

Free America. Impeach. Two thirds of the country want a NATION...the other GOP one third...Want a 'homeland'. Free America from it's GOP captures. We are not hostages. The 'Democrats and those who support them' must stand up and end the subversion of FOX news and the GOP.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Video Redux: Stop the War..Draft College Republicans

Special thanks must be given to Max Blumenthal for documenting his adventures with the College Republicans. These 'chickenhawks' are a perfect replication of the current Administration. Similar to the Bush Administration, the chickenhawks believe in an asinine ideology...Neo Conservatism. Blumenthal's exposé of the college republicans displays the sad realization that America's greatest Hawks lack the courage to fight, yet persist in advocating position in opposition to the majority of their peers.

As their generation goes to battle and fights for what they believe is America, the college republicans voice their opinions from the comfort of their fraternity and sorority houses. Surrounded by like minded individuals, these hawks are complicit in maintaining the Status Quo. As a former member....Use your brain, 'my friends'...The GOP has been usurped. They are not the party which represents the future of American politics. Succumbing to the power is the easy part. Fighting injustice and realizing you were wrong....Priceless!

Join the MAJORITY!

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Militant Youth

The Angry Chickenhawk

Disappointed Republican...Courtesy of Motionstudy

An inspiration to All College Republicans

Whose Guarding the Green Zone? Contractors defending the Military

As the Bush Administration plays 4th Branch politics on television nightly, their true crimes against the American public are being committed out of the media spotlight. This Administration is quietly outsourcing U.S. military operations around the globe. When no bid contracts come to mind, one thinks Halliburton, KBR, Bechtel....yet, the contracts the media are not talking about is this Administration's hiring of private sub 'machine gun' contractors to do the tasks of the U.S. military. Blackwater USA, has a companion...Welcome Triple Canopy Inc., America's Green Zone Defenders.

With increasing concerns of the U.S. military being pushed to its limits, the Administration is finding other ways to continue the war effort. Since 2004, Triple Canopy Inc., have been performing security operations for many U.S. military enclaves peppered throughout Iraq. Triple Canopy Inc., founded in 2003 by former U.S. Delta force and Green Beret veterans, has been guarding the Green Zone since they were awarded the winning bid in 2005 over a British based security firm. These private armies pose a 'national security threat' to the United States itself.
"No open policy debate took place; no executive order was publicly issued, And who is in charge of overseeing these armed men? One thing is sure: they are crucial to the war effort.", stated Daniel Bergner of the NY Times.
We already have a military? Do we really need to use privately funded corporate armies, as well? Although Triple Canopy Inc.'s founders might be American, not all their employees hold the same credentials. The current expansion of sub 'machine gun' contractors in Iraq is depleting the ranks of America's special forces veterans. With companies such as Blackwater USA, DynCorp and Triple Canopy Inc., being awarded more and more contracts from the U.S. government the search for qualified 'security consultants' has gone global. Their ranks need to be filled. The search for a qualified pool of talent has taken Triple Canopy Inc. and others to Latin America raising concerns of compromising U.S. military and diplomatic security throughout Iraq.
"...ads seeking former members of the armed forces and police officers interested in working as a security personnel in exchange for "excellent wages" began to appear in newspapers in Lima... ...Hundreds of people applied" stated Angel Paez of IPS
"...about 200 of them American and almost all the rest from Chile and Fiji" wrote Bergner in 2005. "Another concern is that Triple Canopy employees have been recruited mainly in Latin America and speak little English...'A delay in communicating a problem because the guard cannot speak English down his walkie-talkie can have fatal consequences'"
Stop this nonsense. For every sub 'machine gun' contractor added to the ranks of these corporate private armies, another U.S. soldier is replaced by someone not accountable to military justice or the U.S. justice system. The world views these 'employees', not as independent contractors, but as the U.S. Military itself.

Iraq is consuming the U.S. military at an immeasurable rate, yet this Administration continues this so called 'surge' with private armies are not responsible or accountable to the American government. Triple Canopy Inc.'s contract reads,
"...the insurance policy covering the company's personnel will not provide coverage in case of an incident that occurs when employees are off-duty or outside their place of work. If employees are attacked by insurgents at home, for instance, they will receive no compensation..."
What happens when this war comes to a close? Does one think these companies will close up shop and shut their doors? Fighting the war and securing assets through the use of contracted sub 'machine gun' contractors is dangerous, irresponsible, and subversive. Triple Canopy Inc., Blackwater USA, DynCorp, and others are in the business to make money not guard against injustice. Capitalism has gone to far..stop the insanity. End this conflict now. This war should not be fought in terms of profit maximization. More than just Americans are losing their sons and daughters in this quest for oil.

Government contracts are the only way this Administration can continue to fight this war of terror. If the media were not so concerned with "Hollywood IT girls gone bad" perhaps the American public would recognize that their democrazy is being subverted directly under their noses. Save our country from 'W''s vision of our NeW hOmeland, Demand a return to our Nation and the rule of law. Americans should be defending Americans, not Latin Americas defending Americans. This is what occurs when a country insists on invading another without a global coalition. Instead, the coalition of the willing, wants to get PAID and be responsible to no one. Welcome to the Homeland. Same Players. Different Scandal.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

4th Branch Membership Requirement: Yale Alumni Mandatory

America needs new leadership. For the last 28 years Yale Alumni have been running the executive branch. From 1981 to 2008 either the office of the Vice President or the President himself was a Yale grad. Reagan had George H.W. Bush for 8 years as VP (1981 - '89), then H.W. for 4 yrs. as President(1989 - '93), Bill Clinton for 8 yrs. (1993 - '01), and unfortunately it looks like 'W' will get his full 8 yrs in the Oval Office as well (2001 - ?). What is Yale teaching our political elite while they attended Yale? and why do we continue to elect them?

Twenty eight years of Yale leadership is way too long. Our Ivy league schools produce countless numbers of graduates each year and these are the leaders we choose. From Iran Contra, to Whitewater, to Attorneygate....these 'fellas are all scandalous. One thing they all have in common... an ivy league Yale education. Does Yale not teach ethics and values or honesty and integrity. Why has this group of grads let US down?

Sure, Yale produces other outstanding graduates, but this group, they've stood out. They have wielded the political and military power of the strongest NATION in the world...the United States of America for almost three entire decades without interruption. America needs new leadership. A leader that has not been through the Machiavellian tactics training at Yale. We need a leader from a different 'school of thought', we need a political paradigm shift.

Currently Hillary Clinton is the only Yale alum in the 2008 Presidential Election race. Stop the insanity...whether Republican or Democrat...America needs a break from Yale Executive leadership. Placing another Yale graduate in the White House in 2008 is not a change. It will only perpetuate our current foreign and domestic follies. American politics will remain... Business as usual.

Contemporary Notable Yale Alumni

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi Taliban Spokesman
Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ernesto Zedillo(former President of Mexico) Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Hillary Clinton, John Ashcroft, Gary Hart, Howard Dean, Dean Acheson, Les Aspin, Porter Goss, Stephen Hadley, John Negroponte, Strobe Talbott, Paul Bremer, Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Kagan, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, David Gergen.....the list is endless.
* Dick Cheney was kicked out of Yale. Instead he started his own post graduate fraternity....The 4th Branch
Free America from our NeW 'hOmeland'. Return US back to a Nation. Twenty eight years of contemporary Yale leadership has thwarted American progress worldwide. Returning a Yale grad to the White House in 2008 would only continue the cycle of Business As Usual.

Same Players. Different Scandal. GOP 'wet dream'...democracy subverted

Special note....Joe Biden is also from Yale...Looks like Hill has her VP

Friday, July 27, 2007

4th Branch readies itself for another Hospital Visit

The 4th Branch is readying himself to go back into the hospital to get his batteries replaced for his heart defibrillator. Apparently George and his 'compassionate conservatism' has been a little much for Cheney's poor heart.

What will America do without the 4th Branch?

Cheney's doctors have reassured 'w' that all the right tools are being used.
"we have ordered a 2,500 piece Craftsman set of tools and have enlisted the services of Jiffy Lube, we spare no expenses to preserve the 4th Branch. Rest assured...he is in good hands. All of his oil lines and valves will be throughly scrubbed and replaced if necessary."
The entire 4th Branch will be in the George Washington University Hospital. The question remains... will the 4th Branch sign over control of the country to 'W' and the executive branch during his hospital visit? For a person that doesn't seem to have a heart, he sure needs it 'checked' regularly. In an astounding comment by the WH press regime,
"it's okay...the 4th doesn't need his heart anyway. This is only a routine oil change. The 4th Branch strictly follows his doctors orders and gets his oil changed every 3,000 lies have been told to the American public. As long as we effectively preserve his Machiavellian brain, the country will persist on it's present course. Today is just another day, business as usual. Now, stop asking questions. Haven't you guys heard...Nicole Ritchie is going to jail. Stop covering US and the 4th Branch. This press conference is over we have more crimes to commit, more laws to subvert, and more soldiers to send to war"

Dr. Checks Presidents' 'Bum'...Finds Head and Bin Laden funny article
Read the entire story

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Welcome to the 'Homeland'.. GOP CNN/YouTube Debate

In a not so shocking revelation, only 2 of the 10 GOP 2008 Presidential candidates have announced they will participate in the upcoming GOP CNN/YouTube debate scheduled for September 17th. (McCain and Paul) Once again the GOP have demonstrated their views on governance, by the people...for the people...Participatory Democracy is not for the people anymore... 'Welcome to the Homeland'.

Does the CNN/YouTube debate offer too much direct participation to the informed voter for the GOP? Currently the United States is facing much more than the 'war of terror'. We are at a critical time in which age demographics are playing a critical role in the direction of American electoral politics. A period of whether our NATION progresses into the future or slides into the politics of our NeW 'hOmeland. Either the way of the GOP 'Boomers or into a more progressive path more attuned to the values and digital culture of Gen X and Gen Y. With a combined population of nearly 125 million people, X and Y are a formidable force for the GOP to contend with. Silencing the vote in 2004 might prove to have been little easier to the GOP than it will in '08.

If the GOP give up on gaining the votes of Gen X, Gen Y, and the African American vote, as well, what segment of the population does their party represent? Well...it's election time, so Bush tried to deliver the Immigrant vote, but he lacks the credibility to speak on behalf of any issue, much less the slippery slope of immigration politics. The world has experienced enough 'compassionate conservatism' for a long, long time. Two thirds of the nation have rejected the Bush Administration and their subversive criminal political machine. If they won't give US answers...their respective GOP candidates should. A leader does not hide from THE people, He/she embraces them..embraces our NATION.

A 'no show' at the GOP CNN/YouTube debate will not go noticed by the national media as they did with the NAACP GOP debate. The GOP will have demonstrated that they are not responsive to their electorate and are following their own 'private agenda'. An agenda that does not represent America. For a party of 'Family Values' they sure do not seem to care about their own children. From Global warming to Iraq...The GOP have fallen out of touch with the nation.

They have given up maintaining a participatory democracy and have settled with a perverted for of our nation. 'Welcome to the Homeland' . Republican or Democrat...your vote means squat to the GOP. Let populism survive.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Washington sounds like Fred Thompson's type of town

In the last few months the Bush Administration and Department of Justice have turned Washington D.C. into a television judicial docudrama. Every day, we the people, are bombarded with wild claims of executive privilege, illegal wiretapping, contempt charges, perjury, misleading statements, executive orders, "I don't recalls", and every other asinine statement Bush, Justice, Snow and the 4th branch can deliver to the American public with a straight face. D.C has evolved into Fred Thompson's NBC television sensation Law & Order. Thompson would feel like he never left the set of his hit television show.

What makes Fred Thompson so appealing to Washington neo con insiders to enter the GOP Presidential race? Is it his camera presence? His K Street credentials? His young and alluring wife? Not likely. Most likely it is his craft..his skills he has learned to sell bulls@*! to the masses.

Fred Thompson is the same person he was in the '70's. He is still the same GOP hypocrite pushing the neo conservative agenda. Fred Thompson has never left Washington. Since his early days during the Watergate scandal to lobbying Senators to becoming a Senator. Thompson has done his homework on the wicked GOP political machine. One could easily miss that he has been a longtime member on the Council of Foreign Relations and a visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Both the CFR and AEI are America's two most influential organizations directing the nations foreign policy outside of the State Department. I'm not about bashing the CFR. I know, I know ....the CFR is pushing for global governance, a New World Order, if you will, yes, yes, yes...they are not the dangerous one. They believe in baby steps. Academic Discourse to arrive at the solution. Justifying their means along the way. The AEI on the other hand. Completely the opposite. The AEI is neo conservatism. 'W' and the 4th Branch would call it compassionate conservatism.

It is Fred Thompson's visiting fellowship at the AEI that truly makes the Washington neo conservative insiders drool with glee anticipating his entry in the 2008 Election. Fred and his little red truck has ingrained himself into the American minds. Millions watch his Law & Order television show. He has almost always portrayed characters the are public officials acting on behalf of the public. The neo conservatives undoubtedly know this. It's branding. Like Coca Cola, McDonald's, Nike, or any other business.

The neo conservatives and the AEI have a pretty little package with Fred Thompson. Fred comes with his own 'Hollywood generated' brand, similar to Reagan. Through his character choices there is an ingrained mental note that Fred is the defender of the common man. He fights injustice. Just like when you see a 'swoosh' you think Nike. Thompson's entrance into the 2008 campaign delivers joy not only to the warmongering neo cons, but to the entire GOP. The GOP will just about settle for anyone at this point. The AEI and the Bush Administration sees business as usual.

Watch out America, the Bush Administration are preparing US for another rigged election. Another amazing comeback victory late in the night. Rove has been improving his technique since the '70's, Fred has been branding himself and perfecting his craft of bull$!@ting to the masses, Bush, the media, Justice, Snow, and the 4th Branch have set the stage. 'W' lost his charm. He left us only with his swagger. Bastards.. I see it coming.

Fred is the warmongers dream candidate. The later he enters the 2008 race, the better it is for the entire GOP party. Let the present candidates quiver and roll over and let Fred in his lil' red truck come to the rescue and continue business as usual. The neo conservatives message to America...Fuck Off, don't get in our way, we have a new dream for America...and it doesn't involve you and your nation. This is about our NeW 'hOmeland. Now back to your television show. Meet Fred Thompson, the absurd unelected 44th President of the United States.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Hear the Drumbeat? Bush Administration locked in on Pakistan: Reviving Pakistan's Anti American Sentiments

What can the United States buy for 10 billion US dollars?

One Pakistani President, 80,000 Pakistani military troops, a Taliban resurgence, and a government financed 'cave' in the mountains with a lovely view for Al Qaeda and company. Aaahhh, money well spent I see.
"I don't think we should have a great expectation of this, given the tribal dynamics. There are deep-seated, long historical dynamics that I think are going to make that a challenge." stated Undersecretary of Defense James Clapper while testifying before the House Intelligence and Armed Services Committees

"...how do we in Congress justify to the American people writing checks for billions of dollars to a regime that may not be the partner against terrorism the United States needs it to be, but may actually be hurting national security interests of the United States and our allies." stated Congressman Christopher Shays
For the Bush Administration this a Slam Dunk! A no brainer. A discounted rate. Yet, 6 years of payments for Musharraf's military support in the war of terror has produced little if any credible results for the United States. Watch out Pakistan. The Bush neo cons are angry...do you hear their drumbeat.....they want their war dollars spent....diplomacy need not apply.

These neo con warmongers within the Bush Administration have lost there minds. Are they kidding. What the hell are they thinking supplying Pakistan with all these funds? Pakistan is not loyal to the United States. Why should they be. In fact the people of Pakistan are not even loyal to Musharraf himself, yet alone his government.
"Al Qaida is now in a part of Pakistan that is largely inaccessible to Pakistani forces, the Pakistani government...the population that does exist there has always been outside the control of Islamabad and is sympathetic to al Qaida, both in terms of its religious ideology as well as their tribal traditions of hospitality to outsiders." James Clapper

Would you want to be loyal to a President that came to power through a military coup, rented out your soldiers, your politics, your country, and your voice to another sovereign nation? I don't believe so.

Bush, Cheney, Kristol, Ahmadinejad...all those that have a penchant for war. Slow down. Stop with the drumbeat of fear and veiled threats of attacking other sovereign countries. Bombs do not speak louder than words. They only speak of the ignorance of their leaders who commit to using them. Diplomacy has not failed US....it was never tried. Talk of invading either Pakistan or Iran is utterly futile. Where are we gonna get the troops? Does Bush Administration really want to have a 4 state war? Talk like this is ridiculous.

Where are the troops going to come from? It will not be Pakistanis. Haven't the Bush regime learned anything? If the U.S. military would have not relied on the Afghan 'warriors' at Tora Bora would this escalation even be taken place? Momma always said " if you want something done right...Do it yourself". The time for doing it ourselves has passed. We have not lost. We have not won. The only losers in this are the soldiers on either side who fight for their country, not for the foreign policies of their respective governments.

If the Bush regime needs reasons to not invade Pakistan I have them. In fact I have roughly 160 million of them. With a median age of 21 years old , the 160+ million Pakistani population is ripe for more anti American distrust and hatred

"I can think of no quicker way of turning all of Pakistan against the anti-terrorism goals that are so important to the United States and turning the Pakistan army into a hostile force" said Teresita C. Schaffer, Center for Strategic and International Studies.

If we are trying to fight terrorism, perhaps we should not meddle in Pakistan's internal affairs. Much less bank roll a president who much of the population is unhappy with. The people of Pakistan do not need to see America's campaign of 'shock' and 'awe'.

Pakistan Military Consortium: History of Special Forces
Same Players. Different Scandal.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Musharraf vs. Bush: Allied in Al Qaeda and Taliban ReSURGEence

Since 2001 George W. Bush and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf have been the most peculiar partners in the 'war on terror'. The Bush regime has insisted that Pakistan is a great ally to the United States to fight terrorism within the region. Securing billions of dollars in aid, Pakistan has been consuming immeasurable amounts of US dollars, military aid, and Intel to fight terrorism from within their borders and tribal regions.

With the recent reemergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda worldwide, is it not likely that these, billions, are being diverted into the pro Taliban, pro Osama, tribal regions of Pakistan? Let us take a closer look at the respective leaders of these two countries.

Currently in both the United States and Pakistan, the majority of the population do not believe in the policies pursued by their leaders. Both leaders are unpopular with the public. Both had come to power in 'compromising conditions' . Musharraf with a military coup and Bush in an electoral coup; two disputed elections. Whereas Bush uses the Supreme Court to rationalize and hide his unjust actions, Musharraf subverts them by suspending their Chief Justice of Pakistani courts, so he can run for another term in a 'pseudo democratic election' again. Should we begin to worry about Bush claiming a 'national security threat' and therefore trying to suspend our 2008 Elections, as well? Feel the fear America. Hear the drumbeat of the warmongers. Kristol and the American Enterprise Institute are not whispering. They are increasing their rhetoric.

Both leaders are continuing a war that the country does not support. In Pakistan, the people are in revolt because Musharraf is pursuing 'small scale' military actions against the tribal border regions of Pakistan. Pakistan has traditionally been supportive of both the Taliban and Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda. Of the two countries which acknowledged the Taliban politically, Pakistan was one. With the recent revelation that the US is renting 80,000 Pakistani troops each month to 'surge' against the tribal regions, Musharraf is defying the concerns of his people. Sub 'machine gun' contractors are no longer just limited to Blackwater USA in Iraq. Welcome our newest contractor...Musharraf's Pakistan.

The United States has stated that keeping Musharraf in power is a paramount concern to US interests within the region and in the global 'war on terror' stating,
"Musharraf's autocratic rule is preferable to what might replace it: a nuclear-armed, fundamentalist regime sympathetic to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban."
What do we have with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in power? What does 10 billion dollars in U.S aid over the last six years pay for?.. more of the same...A Pakistan that is a
"...nuclear-armed, fundamentalist regime sympathetic to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban."
The Musharraf regime is no better than the Bush regime. Both are complicit in rearming Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Both are adding fuel to the 'war on terror' and our soldiers are used as the kindling. Both have promised to go after 'terrorists', billions have been spent on this pursuit and all we are left with is an increased 'terrorist threat', a cheese bomb, our rights subverted into privileges, and a constant drumbeat of fear added to the soundtrack of our lives.

Good Job 'allies'...thanks for wasting money, time, trust, respect, and lives. War profiteers.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Don't miss the Sean Smith's new films to get a 'real' view into the 'SURGE'

Iraq The Real Story and Into the Surge

Cheese Watch: TSA releases cheese bomb

Threats are no longer just 'manufactured' they are 'pasteurized' as well. Urgent TSA release for July 25th. Keep your cheese at home. Take your lighters...leave the cheese.
"The seizures at airports in San Diego, Milwaukee, Houston and Baltimore included “wires, switches, pipes or tubes, cell phone components and dense clay-like substances,” including block cheese, the bulletin said. “The unusual nature and increase in number of these improvised items raise concern.”
Say cheese! Click..click Just another item you're not allowed to take on a plane. Homeland Security is a joke. The entire 'homeland' Administration is built on providing the constant drumbeat of 'fear' into the American public.
If it looks like cheese, smells like cheese, It's cheese. This is ridiculous. Homeland Security and the TSA should be focusing on our real problems with terrorism. They have an immense budget to protect the 'homeland' , yet instead they are 'manufacturing national security' cheese threats.

The TSA is on alert for "ordinary items that look like improvised explosive device components."
What is the new Homeland Security Terror Chart? A block of cheese with a wedge taken out.
No more wedges. Its terror time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

George 'W' recieved his first iPhone

Aaaah. Isn't that too cute. Lil' George received his first iPhone. Now he can create damage with the slight of a finger. Great. Look he has them packaged up all slick...the same way he took US to war.
Osama, Gonzales, Cheney, Kristol, O'Reily, Wolfowitz, Coulter, Kim Jong Ill, Giuliani, and one couldn't forget Fred Fielding.
Ya' never when Executive privilege or Executive Order has to be filed. He even added his favorite lil' Button..The Bomb.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

IMPEACH..democrazy is fading.

Listen to the people! Take Back the Capitol

Video courtesy of MotionStudy

Iraq: Into the Surge. Another Sean Smith Expose of 'Progress' in Baghdad VIDEO

Sean Smith once again delivers another piece of 'true journalism'. Smith, a UK Guardian award winning photographer, documents to realities of war in Iraq. He gives US a 'different view' of Iraq. One that is not domesticated for view in the American National Press. If the U.S. viewed these images of the war would we still be in Iraq? Free US...free the World...let democrazy be heard.

Here is another ...Much more powerful Sean Smith Expose. Thank you Sean Smith the risks you take...the journalism you make.... your work is greatly appreciated.

Iraq: An Observational Film

CNNYouTube Debate: Democrats fail to mention 'Homeland'

The CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate was a breathe of fresh air. In an amazing turn of events,the American people did not have to suffer through another debate with our new 'Homeland' proliferated throughout. A full two hours and not one question referring to or one answer that mentioned our 'Homeland'. The Democrats succeeded with bringing back our NATION.

Was this a planned Democratic rejection to the Bush Administrations consistent use of our new 'Homeland'? Although mostly rhetoric, the Democrats offered a refreshing vision for America. They spoke of an America for the future. A nation returned to the people, democracy restored, habeas corpus renewed, voter rights, the ills of the corporate system, trust in government reinvigorated....the ideals of our founding fathers of the United States, not the fathers of our 'Homeland'.

These are the conversations America needs. Politics not done as usual. Not a platform based of fear, threats, and war proliferation as that of the GOP. The Democratic candidates represented two thirds of the NATION...not the one third that wants a 'Homeland'.

This debate format worked, although the 'true' hard questions seemed filtered. Like none other in the past, CNN and YouTube produced a little piece of political television history. In conjunction with the Democrats they brought our NATION back to US...we the people of the United States of America and gave the world a glimpse of a Democratic American future. Vote Democrat 2008. Get the criminals out of the White House. No longer defend the Status Quo. Impeach. There is no possible way the Republicans can match this debate on Monday. Perhaps we should count how many times they use our threat based 'Homeland'.
Same Players. Different Scandal.

Militant Youth: Conservative Ideology preserved...

Excuses. Excuses. These future leader scare the hell out of me. These 'kids' do not represent the majority of our youth. Thanks goes to Max Blumenthal for exposing these bigots. Are they not witnessing the destruction of our democrazy. Lil' Karl Roves'. Horrible. Remember these faces. Soon they will be defrauding America. Evil little warmongers. Brainwashed. Defenders of the Status Quo.

Disappointed Republican courtesy MotionStudy

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Anniversary of the 10 Downing Street Memo. Democracy Subverted. Impeachment Required

July 23rd, 2007 was a historic day in America. It was this day 5 years ago that the 10 Downing Street Memo was created. This was a memo which the British intelligence agency detailed the options for Iraq and the U.S. determination to invade. No matter the consequences. This memo shall stand as 'exhibit I' in Impeachment hearings against the Imperial leadership of W and his counterparts in crime. American democrazy is in

The Bush regime has and continues to subvert our inalienable rights into priviledges. The press has failed US as they are acting as a mouthpiece for the Administration, not as watchdog for the Public. Free press an illusion to a foregone era. Stand up Congress! Save our democrazy from 'W'. Signing statements, contempt, executive orders, executive priviliges....They have placed themselves and their actions above the law by claiming 'national security' is at stake. This is hogwash...a barrel of dung. If they willing to subvert the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our 3 party system, the free press, the right to gather, freedom of speech......all to protect the Homeland..Are they williing to surrender their power to an incoming Administration in 2008?

"There is also the late-at-night, eerie concern that Mr. Bush has in his head some sort of scenario where, for reasons of national security -- real or drummed up -- the '08 elections will have to be postponed and he will get to stay on. My suspicions have at their base the feeling I have that, given their operating style now, this bunch will not leave the White House easily in 2009." Dan Simpson, Former US Ambassador

Stand Up Congress! Join the American people and Impeach Bush and Cheney. Clinton's crimes were trivial in comparision. The Bush Administration are committing true crimes against the American People....against the world. Soon will come a time when our children...grandchildren ..will ask why we stood by and let this Administration subvert what our founding fathers were protecting against. They will ask what life was like living in American Democrazy:

"Was it like what we read in the history books, mom? Dad, why did you not stand up and make your voice heard? What was freedom like? How could over 200 years of Democrazy be thrown away in 8 short years? I hate you....you gave away our nation..and now all we have is this 'Homeland'." Our children, grandchildren. Future date.

Don't let our history slip away. Protect our Democracy. Impeach. No more committees, no more reviews, no more congressional stunts...Vote your conscious, as they say. IMPEACH! Is this what they called compassionate conservativism?

Republican VS. Democrat. Mac spoof

If you haven't seen these spoofs from britethorn, it's time to start. These made me giggle for hours. Loved it. Well done britethorn. Sorry it took me so long to discover them.

Monday, July 23, 2007

George Carlin: On US Corporate Graft and Corruption

At least he makes US laugh at the destruction happening around US.

video courtesy of puppetgovcom

Same Players. Different Scandal.

TIME 2007 Person of the Year "YouTube debate is a Farce"

Screaming at the top of his lungs, TIME Magazine's 2007 Person of the Year,
"...this is a complete mockery. YouTube enabled me to express myself without the censorship of the national press. That is what gave me my voice. The reason behind myself becoming a national sensation. The CNN/YouTube debate is a farce."
A preliminary report of the CNN/YouTube debate finds that Generation Y and X were not represented honestly. The hard questions that have been asked in the alternative media, schools, coffee houses... will not be heard. The voices of 2 generations silenced.
"....the nation will watch. The young voters will be outraged. Their questions will have been placed on the back burner and fluff will come to the top. YouTubers and the blogosphere will decry these are not our questions. These are the questions the media want the public to hear. Not what the majority of 2 generations believe. They want the system to Revolt. To bring the nation back to the public. Back to the People. To Impeach Bush and Company. We were not HEARD!" TIME 20007 Person of the Year.
Our country, our democrazy, our judiciary...are being subverted. The Bush Administration are erecting their own private Plutocracy, building a corporate Army,
subverting the Constitution.....Wait no longer.

No more committees, no more review panels, no more discussions.....end this Administration NOW. They are the 'national security threat' Same Players. Different Scandal.

Iraq: Where Have all the Journalist Gone?

During the last 5 years the United States media has been silenced in perhaps the most crucial time in American history. We are currently fighting 2 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet our media coverage is completely lacking 'real' journalistic content. Our news has been domesticated for US consumption. Long gone are the days when we received information from the journalist in the field.

Currently in Iraq, our news is being supplied by the U.S. military. Secluded in the Green Zone, the few western journalists in country, crowd together and listen as a US official tells them the stories of the day. Hard reporting is left to a bygone error. We are not getting the 'Iraqi' viewpoint. More or less, not even an international viewpoint. Should we be trusting the news that the US military is supplying the in country journalists?

For journalists to cut through the BS they need to go out on the streets of Baghdad. Without this, we are merely receiving what the Administration wants US to hear and see. The bloody realities of war are not seen....nor heard...we are left in the 'fog'. Instead we get a perversion of what is happening on the ground. Embedding is not a 'real' option. It only perpetuates the cycle of domesticated news. The source is corrupt to begin with. This war is in a media blackout. The average American does not see the true price of war. Instead we see occasional doses of American troops playing with children, soldiers shooting at an enemy that is not seen....the gruesome realities of war remain untouched.

From the luxury of the Green Zone they sit and wait for the next news conference. Hoarding together to get the latest US spin. We need reporting from the streets, yet this is nearly impossible since they are secluded within their own private gated community. Walled off from the outside world. Be it the price of freedom, the price of the free press.....real journalism awaits...the pens and paper remain quiet.

We went from having over 700 embedded journalists in Iraq at the beginning of the war to currently only a handful. The war started out as the most televised, best covered war in American history. Five years later it is the United States best kept secret. Shameful. America deserves the truth. Without knowledge of what is truly happening on the ground, we the people, are losing control of our future. There is no accountability to the actions we are pursuing outside of the comfort of the Green Zone.

Shock and Awe is right. That is what the American public is facing. The 'shock' of the free press scumming to the Bush Administration's media censure. The 'awe' is that the press is going along with it. Where are the brave journalists who risked their lives to get the story....to bring to the common citizen the realities of the situation. Where are the newshounds on the ground keeping the sources honest?

FOX, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, NPR....we want news coverage not spin. Stop building your armed encampments and seek out the news. Stop hiding from it. No matter the monetary cost to get the story, American democrazy and the future of a free press lies in your hands not the Administration. Does one really think that if Americans saw the costs of war we would still be in these blood for oil wars? I think not. Show the blood, determine who is committing these car bomb attacks....is it the Sunni, the Shite, Al Qaeda 2.0.1, identify the characters....find the story instead of it being dropped at your feet. Damn it...Cover the News reveal the secrets. Its a dangerous job...we applaud you...now take the jump save America's free press and expose this war for what it is. A mistake. A farce. One continuous 5 year lie perpetuated on the global community. Stop hiding in the 'bushes'.
Same Players. Different Scandal.

Pelosi vs. Plato...Revisting Nancy's 'table'

The following is a dialogue between the Speaker of the House and Plato. As the conversation continues Plato educates Nancy on his concepts of the Demiurge, the craftsman, not God of the of the physical universe, but an entity that 'shaped and fashioned' the universe. He lures Nancy into the concept that her 'table' is unrealizable. A figment of her imagination. Plato, a founding philosophical father of Western Civilization, pleads for Nancy Pelosi to reconsider her position and add articles of Impeachment back to her envisioned 'table'

Plato Nancy, Nancy, Nancy...what is this 'table' you envision? Why have you said "impeachment is off the table" when the table you see is not a reality. You see a table in your head which is pure perfection. The most beautiful table in the world. Immaculate it is. Infallible.

Pelosi That is true Plato...My dream table it is. So lovely and long, seats many, made of the best quality woods...Oh how I love my table.

Plato Yes, Nancy I'm sure your table is quite lovely in your head. Yet, I assure you that is a nonexistent table. That table you see. Pure imagination. Unrealizable.
Pelosi Why? Why...do you cast doubt of my most eloquent creation. My table is America. American Progress. When we won the election... the people spoke. They told us to move on. To get the Troops out of Iraq....to bring our sons and daughters home...to not play to the republicans political game.. We will not take the nation down the distracting politics of Impeachment hearings.

Plato Nancy..Close your lips. Back to your table. Your table can never be built because the resources used in the material world are flawed. They can never measure up to the eloquent perfectly oriented materials in thy brain. For instance, when designing your table did you ever imagine the subpoenas, wire tapping, the executive privileges, the signing statements, the outright subversion of the American public.....were they part of your table? With a recent Gallop poll stating that 54% of the American public believes that VP Dick Cheney should be impeached...Do you not believe that you must quickly renovate your table? You electorate has spoken!

Pelosi I never understood you Plato. You're a old man.. Of the past. ...spewing nonsense. Why should I listen to you? The President, Congress, and the Judiciary are hashing out our problems. They are just thwarting US at every step along the way...

Plato Rome fell Nancy....So will American Democrazy...Save Democrazy for your grandchildren. Do you want them to look back at you and say ' grandma, why did you participate with the Bush Administration in the deconstruction of the Constitution and the fall of Democrazy? Why did you not put Impeachment on the table? Grandma, my history books do not say kind words of you. They say you sat idly by, sleeping the Senate coatroom....Did the ends justify the means, Grandma? For we now have a perverted form of Democrazy that you helped create. That you sat....as America spoke...Why didn't you listen?

Pelosi They would never say such things of me. I can't say enough and more loudly. Impeachment would bring the nations politics to a standstill. We can not afford a standstill. ...yaddayadda

Plato The people within the Bush regime may not care about how they will be perceived in history, but you do Nancy. You are accountable to your citizens. You can make a difference. Let your voice be heard. Imagine another table. A table that includes the flaws of the materials themselves. They have committed crimes punishable crimes. That Machiavellian group of Princes in the the WH are subverting the foundations of American Democrazy. The Nixon presidency tried to do the same. The same people involved in those crimes are involved with these. Same Players. Different Scandal.

Pelosi Perhaps I should reconsider....

Plato You must or Cindy is sure to bring the rage. Listen to your constituency not the money. Look out Nancy. Citizens of the world are watching..Please be ready to reconsider your table?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Video: Funny Bush Moments

Great moments in the Bush Presidency. This 'fella leads the United States government. Amazing. Sad. Deadly. Oh hear the sounds of democrazy falling around US.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Taliban Rising...Pakistan aids the Resurgence with U.S. Culpability

The Taliban seems to be on quite a spree lately. You remember the Taliban, right? Those militant Afghan guys. Looks like these 'fellas are following the same playbook as Al Qaeda 2.0.1. Within the last week the Taliban has gone on a spree of terrorism. For their celebratory kick start back in the media they set off a bomb and killed 6 cops, canceled the 10 month peace deal with the Pakistani government, kidnapped a bus load of 22 South Korean tourists, and as of Saturday......are threatening to kill all of them if their demands are not met.

Let me get this straight. The Taliban are resurrecting too! How is this possible? For the last 5 years we have been giving our blood, patience, and money to support these 'wars'. It's not just
Al Qaeda, but our first enemy...the one that supported the very existence of Osama and his 'vision'...whose leaders are thought to be hiding out in Bill Kristols' newest target, Pakistan.

Perhaps we need to lo
ok at this picture at a broader angle. In Iraq we are now arming our former enemy insurgents. In Pakistan, we are renting 80,000 Pakistani troops to guard the Pakistan/Afghan border against Taliban incursions, contracting Blackwater USA to provide logistics and support for diplomats in Iraq and 'relief' for Hurricane Katrina....what the hell is going on. What's that old saying... "if you want something done right....Do it Yourself". Stop the 'sub machine gun' contracting.

As citizens we pay enormous amounts of our income in taxes. The majority of that is going into 'defense' spending, yet we can't win against these supposed 'incapable enemies'. Here's a thought.....Stop arming them!

Within the last 30 years we have armed Iraq, then Iran, then Iraq again, constantly armed Israel, In terms of the Taliban...AKA Osama....well. See its all not that tricky. We armed them too. We provided the 'support and operations' through Pakistan for their Taliban neighbors next door fighting the Soviets. This has been stated many times before. Still we never learn. Blowback Sucks. Same Players. Different Scandal.

Currently what troubles me is Pakistan's degree of involvement. Bill Kristol is ramping up his warmongering rhetoric about invading Pakistan, yet at the same time he and his neo con bedfellows are arming the Pakistani military at the same time. But are they truly arming Pakistan?

Throughout history Pakistan has been pro Taliban. In fact, only 2 countries recognized the Talibani governance. Pakistan was one. Why would Pakistan be considerate to the needs of the Taliban? Because the traditional enemy of Pakistan is India to the East. Afghanistan and the Taliban lies on their western border and has historically been 'calm', a non threatening regime to their west. Pakistan has traditional deployed the majority of their army on their eastern border with India.Aaahhh the times have changed and its coming back to bite every participant in the scandalous business of arms dealing in the 'bum'. Currently Musharraf's' regime in Pakistan is under attack by pro Taliban forces. Under Attack...literally a stones throw from their Parliament.

How is the Taliban rearming themselves and gaining strength while we are pursuing them fiercely in the 'war on terror'? Well....Pakistan...is PRO TALIBAN. Always has been and will continue to be. They are not an ally in the war on terror. Their president may be...but not their public. Here we are...renting the Pakistani army to protect against the Taliban and patrol to tribal regions of Pakis
tan. Give me a break. What are the chances for graft and corruption to influence the flow of money? Do you really think that the Pakistani military, students, and public are loyal to the government? If that were the case then Osama and crew would not be in 'protected custody' in the tribal regions of Pakistan. They would not be hiding out in these 'grandiose caves' we keep hearing about. Bedfellows they are.

Of the 2 billion dollars in American military aid given to Pakistan each year, undoubtedly so some is being diverted into the pro Taliban tribal regions themselves. We are only adding kindling to the fire and if Kristol and the Bush regime get their way....
It will not be a minor blaze...these Machiavellian asses are seeking a forest fire and are sure to get it. Impeach now before we lose total control of our democrazy.

Same Players. Different Scandal.