Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What did George W. Bush eat for Lunch?

Reposted from the The Searcher,
It was a small ceremony. Just George, Dick, Condi, Karl, and a few others. They gathered around the document, and each said a few words. Then they let George bring out his condiment; a favorite bbq sauce from a ranch near his in Texas. He'd been putting that sauce on everything. He joked it was a shame they couldn't use this as an endorsement. Those gathered laughed, without hint of nervousness or doubt. This was a liberating evening for all.

After a toast, the President began. At first he tried silverware, but the parchment crumbled too much under the knife. After some trial and error, the method settled upon was to tear off long strips, and roll them up with bbq sauce like enchiladas. For the remainder of the document, he ate in this way. Once there was nothing left save for a paste of dust and sauce, they toasted again, clapped, and called it a night.

Next week was Dick's turn, with the other document. He was leaning towards bringing a simple vinaigrette. But that bbq sauce was growing on him.
Same Players. Different Scandal.

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