Sunday, October 14, 2007

Putin's Iranian Visit comes with Assassination plots on his life

On Tuesday Russian President Valdimir Putin is expected to visit Iran for the first time since Josef Stalin went in 1943. Upon his visit he is to attend a summit consisting of the five surrounding states of the Caspian Sea to discuss their rich oil and natural gas lands. One problem...some groups in Tehran don't want him there...

According to Interfax News Agency, Putin's life might be in DANGER.....
"A reliable source in one of the Russian special services, has received information from several sources outside Russia, that during the president of Russia's visit to Tehran an assassination attempt is being plotted"
"A number of groups of suicide bombers are preparing for this aim," Interfax, one of a small circle of Russian agencies with special access to the Kremlin
"It gave no details of who the sources were or whether they were linked in any way to Western governments; nor was it clear why the Kremlin would make such a report public in this way just before the planned visit
"I think this is very serious information," the head of the Russian parliament's security committee, Vladimir Vasiliev told the Vesti television news channel. "I hope that through the cooperation of international special services all this information will be verified and the necessary steps taken." reuters
asked of his response of the 'supposed' plot.. 'tough guy' Putin, paid little attention
[Putin]waved a hand dismissively [...]and told reporters... "later". reuters
Iran proceeded to give their typical response....It's all the West's fault. Condi and Gates warned Putin and now they're threatening him. Tough luck..he's coming here anyway, dubya

"Western politicians and their media were trying to persuade Putin in a political action not to travel to Iran and now that they have failed in that, they intend to convince him not to travel to Iran by...rumor of an assassination." reuters
"Reports published by some media are totally baseless and are in line with the psychological war launched by enemies who want to harm Iran and Russia's relationship," ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said when asked about the reports.

"Publishing such false news cannot harm the natural process of planned programs," Hosseini said. reuters

Can you hear the drumbeat?

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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fillip said...

I think it's US psyops.