Saturday, October 13, 2007

Giuliani is having recurring dreams..of who?

Does the supreme exaggerator need a psychiatrist? He says he's been having recurring dreams. You'll never guess what GOP front runner, Rudolph Giuliani has been dreaming about. Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France..and plane crashes!

Here is the transcript of Rudy's speech in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
"I've been having a recurring dream..I hope there are no psychiatrists here because I I know I'll get some type of instant analysis on one of those show, Psycho babble stuff..ya know.

but..heres..I'm gonna to tell ya' the dream, because l we are good friends and I feel I can share this with ya' . I've had this dream five times now...

Nicolas Sarkozy the President of France is one an airplane. He is flying from France to the United States over the Atlantic Ocean. He is halfway to the United States. Another plane is going in the other direction. From the United States to France. It almost hits his plane. They almost crash. They get so close..The two planes gets so close ..that you can see inside the window of one plane to the other.

Sarkozy looks in the window of the other plane and the three people there..going from the United States to France...are waving at him...they are Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and John Edwards.

You get it right? Sarkozy is coming to the United States to take are quintessential American principles of free market, low taxes, less government, parent control. He wants to take those principles and embed them in reform France...and they would like to go take the failing principles in France and see if they can bring em' back to the United States.

Does this make and sense to you? Does it make any sense to you? Sarkozy wants to reduce taxes. Most of Europe wants to reduce taxes. Gosh all mighty, China is moving to free market economics and India is moving away from socialism. We got the only three people on the planet that want to raise taxes..who are running for the Democratic Nomination for President of the Untied States..they just don't want to raise taxes...they want to raise taxes, probably more than your taxes have ever been raised. like 25-30 percent increase in taxes."
watch the video at The Caucus

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