Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bush: 'missile shield' protects against terrorists. Too bad terrorists carry their 'missiles', not launch them

Bush, surrounded by students after his speech at NDU

On Tuesday, Bush gave a speech at the National Defense University (NDU), in Washington, as part of the university's, "Distinguished Lecture Program". During his visit he stressed his vision for continuing the war OF terror and the need for his "missile shield" against a growing Iranian threat. With Iran saying they'll rain 11,000 missiles per minute on US bases in the region, Cheney's upgrade, and Bush promising WWIII if Iran continues her nuclear ambitions, a missile 'sheild' might not be such a bad idea to re consider.

Only problem..'terrorists' don't launch their 'missiles' , they carry them.

Here is what Bush was 'selling' the military 'leadership' at NDU
"The need for missile defence in Europe is real and I believe it's urgent."
"The Cold War is over. Russia is not our enemy"
"join us against an emerging threat that affects us all... we ought to respond to this threat together".
The president said if "rogue states" had less confidence their missiles would strike, they would be "less likely to engage in acts of aggression in the first place".
"We would consider tying together activation of the sites in Poland and the Czech Republic with definitive proof of the threat - in other words, Iranian missile testing and so on." Robert Gates bbc
Look, America, we are in a position where two delusional men are increasing their rhetoric towards war. They are both promising untold destruction and ultimately are 'staging' themselves as prophets, not Presidents. Both leaders are highly evangelized. They view the world through a pair of glasses with one lens focused on 'good' and the other 'evil'. There is no in between. War is inevitable. BushCO wants their missile shield and AmedinejadCO are rapidly preparing for battle.

We might heed the evil lil' character's warnings..what he wants..he gets and the 'House of Pelosi' seems to ensure it. Too bad the 'terrorists' don't use long and medium range missiles, though. This 'shield' is for defense against threats from 'nation states', not terrorists. Bush is playing it both ways. War with Iran will be asymmetrical...after his 'bombing shock and awe'..Iran WILL NOT be launching missiles. They will be strapping TNT onto themselves and WALKING and DRIVING into their targets. Not launching them thousands of miles.

We need to take our Democracy back NOW. These delusional chumps are CAUSING WWIII. The next time Bush goes 'fishing'..or goes to Crawford...we need to be worried because the bombs will start falling.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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