Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Troops kick Adm. Mike Mullen's A$$ for 90mins

"Is there a point where we can say, sir, 'Enough'?"
Admiral Mike Mullen, the new chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. might have bitten off a little more than he could chew when he invited 100 U.S. Army officers at Fort Sill to speak candidly about the condition of the Army. While listening to their complaints, Mullen reassured the officers that his priorities were to "reconstitute, reset, and revitalize" an American military strained by long deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan

Here's a few 'complaints' the officers gave Adm. Mullen for consideration,
"Is there a point where we can say, sir, 'Enough'?" one captain asked.
they made clear that their families wanted some relief. And the captains themselves wanted assurances that they would have first-class troops to lead and enough quality equipment to train for success.

the army has lowered the bar on some of its standards for new soldiers, and the officers at Fort Sill told Mullen that the move had caused a new set of problems.

One Iraq veteran said that he had witnessed increased disciplinary problems among troops, which he attributed to the enlistment of recruits with lower academic credentials as well as some who have been granted "moral waivers," a step that allows those with minor criminal records to join up.
[they] spoke of training all day and then having to spend much of the night on disciplinary action. Of the roughly 100 soldiers in his unit, about a dozen had been caught selling drugs or going absent without leave.
the conditions on the 'homefront'...
"All I want to do is start a family, buy a house, have stability," said one, who expressed readiness to return to Iraq so long as he and his wife had assurance that they could settle at a single military post and not be transferred to a new unit when he returned from combat.

Another officer, an Iraq veteran, said that his wife, now pregnant with their second child, had complained that the pediatric care she sought from their local military hospital was substandard. As a result, he said, he is now planning to leave the army within the year.
because of the focus on Iraq, combat equipment at home for training was "either broken, outdated or improperly maintained." Excerpts from the IHT
Now isn't that sweet. The kind Adm. stopped by for an hour and a half. Appeased the troops...and left them with this wisdom
"I don't offer instantaneous solutions," he said. "But I know what's on your mind."
Sure, you do, Adm. Let me break it down. They're over it, they're done with the low pay, long hours, lowered standards, and extended employments with no relief in sight...and you offer them 'words', rhetoric, and a long list of broken promises.

But don't worry, Mullen took some of the 'questioners' emails during the presentation so he could,

"follow up with more complete answers," a pledge that surprised, and pleased, his listeners.

More like to rub it in their faces that the JCS is NOT going to do anything. These soldiers 'email addresses' will probably put them on Bushes "bad men" list. Just another set of broken promises and lost hope.

Does the GOP still exist? or are they all Neo Cons now?

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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