Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mattel suffers from the "lead paint pandemic" ....again. Offers Lead Paint to All

Who do these toy manufactures care about? Obviously not our children. Mattel has once again recalled a plethora of toys. 55,000 to be exact, but with the enormous amounts of despicable toys continue to mount around Mattel's cost benefit analysis.

According to the BBC,
The recall affects 38,000 toys in the US, 12,000 toys in the UK and the Irish Republic and 5,500 toys in Canada.

The items affected are Go Diego Go Animal Rescue Boat toys imported by Fisher Price.

The move is part of a wider recall of 665,000 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Mattel recalled million of toys over the summer.

Mattel's profits have fallen slipped by 1% over the past three months, in the wake of the recalls.
Remember, U.S. trade representatives have already called this "problem" a political issue due to the 2008 U.S. election. Idiots.
US experts told Hong Kong manufacturers that the overwhelming majority of the products do meet safety standards. He added that the current spat over product safety is politically-motivated, and could heighten as the US moves into an election year in 2008. Asia Times
They think we are all as ignorant as they are.
This latest recall marks the fourth in six months, prompting the EU to embark on a two-month review of its toy safety regulations, expected to be complete in November. (how convenient..right before the Christmas "push").

"There is more to be done to step up controls," said Meglena Kuneva, the EU's consumer commissioner after announcing the recall that affected the items in the UK and the Irish Republic. bbc
Adding to the controversy, According to Alan Wong, deputy executive director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council,
the issue with Made in China products is "100% about perception".
and to get around the matter Chinese company's will merely switch the "Made in China" labels,
"We have our work cut out on product safety. But toy safety is not a new issue. We have been dealing with it for a long time," he said. It is unlikely that Hong Kong companies will relocate their plants to other countries to avoid having the "Made in China" label. However, a subtle differentiation is being made to use the "Made by Hong Kong" label, instead." Asia Times
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