Monday, October 22, 2007

Brilliant Kucinich Video: "The World according to the 'Beav'.."Leave It To Dennis"

The 35percenters have done it again. Watch their brilliant new video "Leave it to Dennis".
"The 35 Percenters started with a simple mission: To do what the mainstream media has failed to do. They want to inform the public about this progressive candidate so that the people, not special interests, will decide who will be president in '08."
reposted from 35Percenters,
"What would today’s world look like from the eyes of the Beav? Is there a leader out there who can help make things right? In this brilliant new video — produced/edited by Manila Ryce and conceived/written by Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein and Manila — we find out. Big props to Edan Bryant, Megan Ford, and Amy Spain on the voiceovers."
Leave It To Dennis

Video provided by 35percenters

Here is another one of their great video productions

The Peaceman vs. the Chenguin.

Video provided by 35percenters
Why can't we just give Peace a Chance?

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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