Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sen. Dodd's gone crazy. Urges kids to dress like him on Halloween

Now I've heard of some crazy costumes, but the Senator Dodd costume takes the cake this year. Here is a ridiculous idea...dress your child up like an old Senator with a dream to be President of the Free World.

Here is the press release from he Dodd Campaign,

Manchester, NH - Today, the Chris Dodd for President Campaign came to the aid of parents and children across New Hampshire who are still struggling to find the perfect costume for Halloween. The campaign released the following directions for the Chris Dodd Halloween costume.

"Every year, parents and their children struggle to find that perfect Halloween costume," said Dodd spokesman Bryan DeAngelis. "We wanted to do our part to help by providing them with the option of going as the one candidate who has the proven leadership, record of results, and bold ideas that we need in our next President - Chris Dodd."

and for the best part....the required materials,

Required Materials and Instructions for the Chris Dodd Halloween Costume:

White Hair - Use hair color to turn your hair into a bright white just like Chris Dodd's.

The white hair represents the seven years and two presidential vetoes that Chris Dodd had to work through to pass the Family and Medical Leave Act. It also represents the 26 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where Chris Dodd has been involved in every major foreign policy decision over the last quarter century. A fluent Spanish speaker, Dodd personally met with world leaders to help resolve conflicts in Latin America. In addition, he worked closely with Senator Ted Kennedy and President Bill Clinton to help facilitate the Good Friday Peace Accords that brought peace to Northern Ireland.

A Passion for Service

As a young man, inspired by President Kennedy, Chris Dodd joined the Peace Corps in 1966 and served for two years working in a rural village in the Dominican Republic, where he became fluent in Spanish, before going on to serve his nation in the National Guard and Army Reserves.

A copy of the Constitution

Chris Dodd carries a copy of the constitution with him everyday. As a Senator he has fought tirelessly to restore the constitution and roll back the Bush Administration assault on the rule of law. As President, the first thing he will do in January 2009 is restore the constitution, restore the rights of Habeus Corpus, and restore America's Moral Authority.

A folder with literature about Dodd's bold ideas

Whether the issue is Iraq, restoring America's standing in the world, driving down health care costs, fixing our schools, or building an economy that works for all Americans, Chris Dodd is offering bold, innovative ideas because he knows half-measures won't get the job done.

A few of Dodd's bold ideas to mention:
A corporate carbon tax that would punish polluters and spur the innovation of environmentally friendly technology.

Free community college for all Americans.

The American Community Initiative - a comprehensive national service plan that will draw upon the very best of our character to call Americans to service.

Happy Halloween. Watch out for the little Christopher Dodd's out there. Even for a Democrat...the thought of a 10 year old Christopher Dodd is scary as Hell.

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