Friday, October 19, 2007

Sen. Jay Rockefeller, Verizon and AT&T's dirty "retro active immunity" threesome

Senator Jay Rockefeller loves those telecom lobbyists. Well at least since March 2007 he has. In the last 5 years Rockefeller received a pathetic amount of funds from AT & T and Verizon. Nothing that could cause a controversy. That all changed in March when the wiretapping telecoms discovered the power of the chairman of the Senate Select Commitee on Intelligence.

Hmmm. Right about the same time "telecom Jay" received $48,500 in campaign contributions from the two companies, the government was intensifying their cases against them. Is Sen. Rockefeller trying to derail the investigations? Did "telecom Jay" use his 'influence' to give these complicit companies 'retro active' immunity?

According to Ryan Singel of Wired's, Threat Level, it appears so..and I must say, I agree.
The Spring '07 checks represent 86 percent of money donated to Rockefeller by Verizon employees since at least 2001.

AT&T executives discovered a fondness for Rockefeller just a month after Verizon execs did and over a three-month span, collectively made donations totaling $19,350.

AT&T Vice President Fred McCallum began the giving spree in May with a $500 donation. 22 other AT&T high fliers soon followed with their own checks.
View his donor list. Shame on you "telecom Jay". Who do you represent....US or them?

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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A Rockefeller is still a Rockefeller.