Monday, October 22, 2007

Fred Thompson and his Lazy "4 minute speech"

Fred Thompson is something else. He's a former Senator, an actor, a 'shady' lawyer, a K street lobbyist..and a grandpa..I mean dad with a 'hot', young wife. But Fred doesn't have it all. Fred lacks patience and 'likability'. Let's just say this, when the charisma wagon rolled by...Thompson was nowhere to be found. He was probably 'lazing' around waiting for the Presidency to fall in his lap.

Here's an excellent example of Fred's impatience for politics, his laziness to campaign, his unwillingness to 'stump', his preoccupation with glamour instead of politics....I give you Fred Thompson, " the reluctant candidate"...

Giuliani spoke..McCain spoke..Mitt spoke, and Fred...well...When it became his time to address the Florida Republican Party at their biggest annual event...
....the crowd was primed, having listened to his rivals deliver speeches, lasting about 20 minutes each, that the candidates each obviously thought played to their strengths.

Mr. Thompson walked slowly onto the stage, kissed his wife, Jeri, on the cheek, made a joke or two, claimed to be a “consistent conservative” — and said good night. He spoke for four minutes.

“I was really kind of shocked,” said Linda Hoffman, 47, who wore stickers for all the candidates on her blazer, reflecting her indecision. “We were all hoping he would say something we could get behind, but there was nothing.” NYT, the Caucus
Lazy old bastard...perhaps Fred, just isn't Fred without all the make up, cameras, huge Hollywood paycheck and his little red truck.
Same Players. Different Scandal.

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