Monday, October 15, 2007

Bush in Crawford....AGAIN and AGAIN

It's Monday morning...Do you know where the 'resident in the oval office' was this weekend? You guessed it. Our vacationing resident was playing 'cowboy' on his 1,600 acre Crawford, Texas ranch... again. His perpetual vacation continues. But don't worry...his 'experts' assure US he's doing a lot more than just clearing brush. According to them, he's always working when he is at the Western White House.

This's a Free Trade vacation..

Bush arrived Friday afternoon aboard Air Force One at the TSTC Airport in Waco. Saturday Bush was busy pushing free trade, as part of his weekly radio address.
From his ranch in Crawford, the President urged congress to pass deals with four countries saying expanding trade will keep the economy expanding and support high-paying jobs.

Agreements with Peru and Panama are considered likely to pass. But deals with Colombia and South Korea are both seen as unstable. kcentv
What more can we expect...He's already taken over 430 days of vacation is 6 years.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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