Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Statements Don Rumsfeld did not say on Camera

In a shocking backroom statement, Donald Rumsfeld, after his House Committee appearance on the Tillman cover up inquiry ,exclaimed
"...Are you kidding? Do you remember Harry Whittington?...One hunting trip is all it takes....Of course 'I don't recall'. I don't want to eat buck shot. In fact I don't recall anything from the years in which I've known Dick. "
As the room was silenced by the statements, Rumsfeld, was caught muttering while reshuffling his paperwork, notes, drawings, Machiavellian plans ....
" Why the hell did they not give me executive privilege? Letting me go up there and cover for these 'fellas. Damn it. I'm retired. I've I can say is remember Harry. Dick gave him a little Valentine's day gift last year. I don't want any gifts, any contact, just let me be. 'I don't recall!'...and Rove that lil'' bastard. He gets executive privilege invoked for him.(inaudible)...I've been covering for him since he was in CREEP. I'm not going 'hunting' with him either."
They never retire .... Same Players. Different Scandal.


Ryan said...

Ha. Good old Rummy - we'll never get rid of him. Love the site by the way - I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blogroll.

Kathy said...

NS ... a question. Where did you find the two images -- the "stop asking questions" and "we want that oil"?