Thursday, July 26, 2007

Washington sounds like Fred Thompson's type of town

In the last few months the Bush Administration and Department of Justice have turned Washington D.C. into a television judicial docudrama. Every day, we the people, are bombarded with wild claims of executive privilege, illegal wiretapping, contempt charges, perjury, misleading statements, executive orders, "I don't recalls", and every other asinine statement Bush, Justice, Snow and the 4th branch can deliver to the American public with a straight face. D.C has evolved into Fred Thompson's NBC television sensation Law & Order. Thompson would feel like he never left the set of his hit television show.

What makes Fred Thompson so appealing to Washington neo con insiders to enter the GOP Presidential race? Is it his camera presence? His K Street credentials? His young and alluring wife? Not likely. Most likely it is his craft..his skills he has learned to sell bulls@*! to the masses.

Fred Thompson is the same person he was in the '70's. He is still the same GOP hypocrite pushing the neo conservative agenda. Fred Thompson has never left Washington. Since his early days during the Watergate scandal to lobbying Senators to becoming a Senator. Thompson has done his homework on the wicked GOP political machine. One could easily miss that he has been a longtime member on the Council of Foreign Relations and a visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Both the CFR and AEI are America's two most influential organizations directing the nations foreign policy outside of the State Department. I'm not about bashing the CFR. I know, I know ....the CFR is pushing for global governance, a New World Order, if you will, yes, yes, yes...they are not the dangerous one. They believe in baby steps. Academic Discourse to arrive at the solution. Justifying their means along the way. The AEI on the other hand. Completely the opposite. The AEI is neo conservatism. 'W' and the 4th Branch would call it compassionate conservatism.

It is Fred Thompson's visiting fellowship at the AEI that truly makes the Washington neo conservative insiders drool with glee anticipating his entry in the 2008 Election. Fred and his little red truck has ingrained himself into the American minds. Millions watch his Law & Order television show. He has almost always portrayed characters the are public officials acting on behalf of the public. The neo conservatives undoubtedly know this. It's branding. Like Coca Cola, McDonald's, Nike, or any other business.

The neo conservatives and the AEI have a pretty little package with Fred Thompson. Fred comes with his own 'Hollywood generated' brand, similar to Reagan. Through his character choices there is an ingrained mental note that Fred is the defender of the common man. He fights injustice. Just like when you see a 'swoosh' you think Nike. Thompson's entrance into the 2008 campaign delivers joy not only to the warmongering neo cons, but to the entire GOP. The GOP will just about settle for anyone at this point. The AEI and the Bush Administration sees business as usual.

Watch out America, the Bush Administration are preparing US for another rigged election. Another amazing comeback victory late in the night. Rove has been improving his technique since the '70's, Fred has been branding himself and perfecting his craft of bull$!@ting to the masses, Bush, the media, Justice, Snow, and the 4th Branch have set the stage. 'W' lost his charm. He left us only with his swagger. Bastards.. I see it coming.

Fred is the warmongers dream candidate. The later he enters the 2008 race, the better it is for the entire GOP party. Let the present candidates quiver and roll over and let Fred in his lil' red truck come to the rescue and continue business as usual. The neo conservatives message to America...Fuck Off, don't get in our way, we have a new dream for America...and it doesn't involve you and your nation. This is about our NeW 'hOmeland. Now back to your television show. Meet Fred Thompson, the absurd unelected 44th President of the United States.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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samst117 said...

Fred Thompson '08!

He will be the one to bring about The Rapture.