Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bush pedals through Sydney while on 'Lockdown'

What does the Resident in the Oval Office do when at the APEC summit? He takes a little bike ride of course. I'm sure enjoyed every minute of it. He probably had a wicked lil' grin the entire ride.
"now i know they say that since he's against Kyoto he doesn't care about the climate change. That's urban legend. That is preposterous. As a matter of fact the United States last year..reduced Greenhouse gas emissions and grew our economy at the same time...we showed what is possible when you deploy modern technologies
"if you really want to solve the global climate change issue let's get everybody table. Let's make sure that countries such as China and India are at the table as we discuss the way forward. George W. Bush, at APEC 2007
It's amazing. The prez is leaving APEC early to prepare for the Petraeus report and instead of 'getting down' to business.
...the US President, who has shortened his trip to Australia to return to Washington in time for a crucial report on the progress of the Iraq war
The Australian 9/5/07
He goes on another methodically planning 'bike ride' through his presidential duties. This is a sad day. The city is in PROTEST and Bush 'pedals around'. He's on perpetual vacation.

Meanwhile...China and most likely Russia have committed the most heinous cyber attack in history against Germany, the United States, eStonia, and the United Kingdom. I guess, I'd take a bike ride too.

Pedaling around in Sydney: 'W's Perpetual Vacation

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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