Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yale..the Machiavellian School of Warmongering. Disappointing America since 1972

Is there a school to blame for our current global predicament? Sure there is, it's Yale. Yale, founded in 1701, is the pinnacle of higher education. The name alone defines the Ivy League. But, what are they teaching there? and why have so many of our political elite graduated, taught, or even in the case of our VP, Dick Cheney, dropped out?

Since 1972 Yale has been ruling America. Yale is Machiavelli. On every presidential ticket since '72, Yale has been represented in our presidential elections. Whether it be the Dems or the GOP they're on the ticket. So, if you're a gambling man...place your bet on Hillary.

Just look at these "good ol' boys" who are screwing America
Gerald Ford, Daddy Bush, Lil' Bush, Paul the Wolfman, Scooter "pardon me" Libby, Samuel "segregation" Alito, Clarence " sexual harasser" Thomas, Steven Hadley, Donald Kagan, John "swift boat" Kerry, Joe Lieberman, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Howard "the scream" Dean, Gary "the stud" Hart....and the list goes on and on.
Hmmmm... Same Players. Different Scandal. Needless to say, the corporate allumni of Yale is spectacular as well, but that is another story. So what are they teaching our leaders? Why do they all take US to war and keep subverting our constitutional rights into pitiful government garnerd priveledges? Undoubtedly to be taken away at a later date.

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