Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CNNYouTube Debate: Democrats fail to mention 'Homeland'

The CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate was a breathe of fresh air. In an amazing turn of events,the American people did not have to suffer through another debate with our new 'Homeland' proliferated throughout. A full two hours and not one question referring to or one answer that mentioned our 'Homeland'. The Democrats succeeded with bringing back our NATION.

Was this a planned Democratic rejection to the Bush Administrations consistent use of our new 'Homeland'? Although mostly rhetoric, the Democrats offered a refreshing vision for America. They spoke of an America for the future. A nation returned to the people, democracy restored, habeas corpus renewed, voter rights, the ills of the corporate system, trust in government reinvigorated....the ideals of our founding fathers of the United States, not the fathers of our 'Homeland'.

These are the conversations America needs. Politics not done as usual. Not a platform based of fear, threats, and war proliferation as that of the GOP. The Democratic candidates represented two thirds of the NATION...not the one third that wants a 'Homeland'.

This debate format worked, although the 'true' hard questions seemed filtered. Like none other in the past, CNN and YouTube produced a little piece of political television history. In conjunction with the Democrats they brought our NATION back to US...we the people of the United States of America and gave the world a glimpse of a Democratic American future. Vote Democrat 2008. Get the criminals out of the White House. No longer defend the Status Quo. Impeach. There is no possible way the Republicans can match this debate on Monday. Perhaps we should count how many times they use our threat based 'Homeland'.
Same Players. Different Scandal.

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