Sunday, July 8, 2007

Samuel P. Huntington...Why have you and American Enterprise Institute Let U.S. down?

Samuel P. Huntington, you let me down. All those years in college studying your theories. Spending ours debating in class and with friends your Clash of Civilizations? Reading your articles in Foreign Affairs. Researching and composing papers on them. Analyzing them using the Hegelian Dialectic. I was intrigued by your connections to the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergs, and the Council on Foreign Relations...all of it. It seemed so " Cloak and Dagger". Man, what a great childhood film. What has become of such brilliance? Have my eyes opened to the larger picture? to U.S...where are we going as a nation? Where have you and American Enterprise Institute led us? Have we gone astray from the plan, the surge, the escalation?

Was Francis Fukuyama right? Is it the End of History? I hope you guys still write. I know times have probably been tough since 2003, with FK denouncing Rummey and calling for his resignation and all, but let friends be. Then in 2006, I see he split with you, PNAC, and the core neo conservative militaristic ideology. Did that even hurt you guys? I thought you guys were tight. The Good ol' Boys. Late nite dinners, emails, back room deals, and we can't forget...triumphantly signing letters recommending the United States take "preemptive action" against Iraq to both the Clinton and Bush Administrations. were Just like two peas in a pod. What happened?

Sam..You had him. Francis killed his own Last Man in other writings! Then..He spilt with the Good ol' Boys and seems to have fallen in line with values more similar to us AMERICANS. An America which is a little less fierce, more realistic, more participatory, and a positive influence in the global community. As he has stated...Realistic Wilsonian ideals. Not the version that you and American Enterprise Institute are currently deploying.

I urge AEI to "change course". Mr. Samuel P. Huntington, please..use your power wisely and steer US in a better, more peaceful, less militaristic direction. You seem to be the last of the bunch that can make a difference. Use that brilliant mind for positive progress and change.


A former idealistic devoted student of International Relations and Trade with a double minor in Political Science and History.

Same Players. Different Scandal

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DetainThis said...

I haven't read up on his ideological views relative to the "clash of civilizations" (cash cow), but Fukuyama seemed to be alone among his now former neocon comrades in opposing nation-building and democracy-spreading in the Middle East, and how the ridiculous "war on terrorism" (cash cow) is being fought. (Or perhaps he just didn't know that it was all more or less a ploy.)

Granted, he signed onto the Iraq attack; he's still buddy-buddy with some evil-ass neocons; and I totally disagree with his idea of the U.S.' having "unique" roles in the world, but there is some good to be said about Fukuyama publicly denouncing things that are awfully wrong about neocon policies. We just need a lot more neocons to jump that ill-fated ship now...