Friday, July 20, 2007

Video: Baghdad Streets Road Rage..Driver POV

This Video is absolutely shocking. No wonder the people of Iraq see US as an occupying force. Could you imagine if someone drove through the streets of L.A. or D.C. like this? If the police would not shoot them, a citizen sure would. Watch as pedestrians run out of the way of the on coming Humvee. The driver dangerously plays 'bumper cars with traffic during the middle of the day on a busy street. A passenger bus....No problem.. just push it out of the way. This is no way to win over the Iraqi people. Shame on US. Now don't get me wrong...I understand the dangers of waiting in traffic for the U.S. military, but come on. This is no way to win the 'hearts' and 'minds' of the people. There has to be a better way. These very actions are what the average Iraqi views of US everyday. This is not an image we want to portray.


mn said...

"This is not an image we want to portray." Image? Portray? The people of Iraq "see US as an occupying force" because the US is an occupying force, no?

News Sophisticate said...

yes mn, I do believe that we are acting as an occupying force. We need to be focusing on the future of our nation...not the destruction of others. Same Players. Different Scandal.