Thursday, July 5, 2007

Not only are they Fraternity Brothers, but...

So there I was....looking at photos of global politicians and business leaders when I started to view them all the same. Tiny eyes, similar smirks, squared heads and the sorts. Doing just a brief Google search, I've came across some great family trees and familial relations. For instance, did you know that John Kerry and George W. Bush are related? Did you know that the Spencer family, Princess Diana's family is related to the Bush family. In fact, the relation makes "W" the 17th cousin of Prince William and Harry of Wales. Here is another. Barbara Bush is from the Pierce family. Our 14th President of the United States, Pierce, is part of the Bush clan. Take a look. The next time you see Prince Charles, the Queen, the boy prince, and W. take a strong look at their similarities. Same family, just across the pond.

These connections are blatant and strong, yet the national media tends to push it aside. Shouldn't we as citizens know who our leaders truly are. Are we to let a
few power families control and manipulate our progress. The "new Bushes" tend to favor their ladies of Latin descent. Could this possibly be the inroads laid to further NAFTA and other organizations that want to relieve trade barriers and break down national soverienty? The Bush family inroads into Latin America started long ago. While working for the CIA in his early carreer papa bush bought, ran, and later sold Zapata Oil off the coast of Cuba. Hmmmm. Was this a Bay of Pigs preparation and surrveilance platform. Could be.

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