Thursday, July 26, 2007

Welcome to the 'Homeland'.. GOP CNN/YouTube Debate

In a not so shocking revelation, only 2 of the 10 GOP 2008 Presidential candidates have announced they will participate in the upcoming GOP CNN/YouTube debate scheduled for September 17th. (McCain and Paul) Once again the GOP have demonstrated their views on governance, by the people...for the people...Participatory Democracy is not for the people anymore... 'Welcome to the Homeland'.

Does the CNN/YouTube debate offer too much direct participation to the informed voter for the GOP? Currently the United States is facing much more than the 'war of terror'. We are at a critical time in which age demographics are playing a critical role in the direction of American electoral politics. A period of whether our NATION progresses into the future or slides into the politics of our NeW 'hOmeland. Either the way of the GOP 'Boomers or into a more progressive path more attuned to the values and digital culture of Gen X and Gen Y. With a combined population of nearly 125 million people, X and Y are a formidable force for the GOP to contend with. Silencing the vote in 2004 might prove to have been little easier to the GOP than it will in '08.

If the GOP give up on gaining the votes of Gen X, Gen Y, and the African American vote, as well, what segment of the population does their party represent?'s election time, so Bush tried to deliver the Immigrant vote, but he lacks the credibility to speak on behalf of any issue, much less the slippery slope of immigration politics. The world has experienced enough 'compassionate conservatism' for a long, long time. Two thirds of the nation have rejected the Bush Administration and their subversive criminal political machine. If they won't give US answers...their respective GOP candidates should. A leader does not hide from THE people, He/she embraces them..embraces our NATION.

A 'no show' at the GOP CNN/YouTube debate will not go noticed by the national media as they did with the NAACP GOP debate. The GOP will have demonstrated that they are not responsive to their electorate and are following their own 'private agenda'. An agenda that does not represent America. For a party of 'Family Values' they sure do not seem to care about their own children. From Global warming to Iraq...The GOP have fallen out of touch with the nation.

They have given up maintaining a participatory democracy and have settled with a perverted for of our nation. 'Welcome to the Homeland' . Republican or Democrat...your vote means squat to the GOP. Let populism survive.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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