Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anniversary of the 10 Downing Street Memo. Democracy Subverted. Impeachment Required

July 23rd, 2007 was a historic day in America. It was this day 5 years ago that the 10 Downing Street Memo was created. This was a memo which the British intelligence agency detailed the options for Iraq and the U.S. determination to invade. No matter the consequences. This memo shall stand as 'exhibit I' in Impeachment hearings against the Imperial leadership of W and his counterparts in crime. American democrazy is in

The Bush regime has and continues to subvert our inalienable rights into priviledges. The press has failed US as they are acting as a mouthpiece for the Administration, not as watchdog for the Public. Free press an illusion to a foregone era. Stand up Congress! Save our democrazy from 'W'. Signing statements, contempt, executive orders, executive priviliges....They have placed themselves and their actions above the law by claiming 'national security' is at stake. This is hogwash...a barrel of dung. If they willing to subvert the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our 3 party system, the free press, the right to gather, freedom of speech......all to protect the Homeland..Are they williing to surrender their power to an incoming Administration in 2008?

"There is also the late-at-night, eerie concern that Mr. Bush has in his head some sort of scenario where, for reasons of national security -- real or drummed up -- the '08 elections will have to be postponed and he will get to stay on. My suspicions have at their base the feeling I have that, given their operating style now, this bunch will not leave the White House easily in 2009." Dan Simpson, Former US Ambassador

Stand Up Congress! Join the American people and Impeach Bush and Cheney. Clinton's crimes were trivial in comparision. The Bush Administration are committing true crimes against the American People....against the world. Soon will come a time when our children...grandchildren ..will ask why we stood by and let this Administration subvert what our founding fathers were protecting against. They will ask what life was like living in American Democrazy:

"Was it like what we read in the history books, mom? Dad, why did you not stand up and make your voice heard? What was freedom like? How could over 200 years of Democrazy be thrown away in 8 short years? I hate you....you gave away our nation..and now all we have is this 'Homeland'." Our children, grandchildren. Future date.

Don't let our history slip away. Protect our Democracy. Impeach. No more committees, no more reviews, no more congressional stunts...Vote your conscious, as they say. IMPEACH! Is this what they called compassionate conservativism?

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