Monday, July 16, 2007

Dissenting Against the American People

"...everyday I am reminded that our nation is still vulnerable. Everyday I am remembered about what 9-11 means to America.", stated a somber 'W' in 2003. Four years later we hear the same rhetoric spewing out from the Bush Administration. In fact, since 2001 we have been told we are facing a national security threat, be it from the "war on terror" or "axis of evil", our 'homeland' in one way or another is threatened. Our National Security is at risk. Our 'homeland' is under attack, not only by our far off enemies, but by the enemy within.

Anytime the country is facing a national security risk there is always a risk that government will press to far. A risk that the institutions of our democrazy become subverted in terms of providing 'safety' for the 'homeland'. Lately our newscasts have been filled with our 'new' enemy, whether it be, Al Qaeda 2.0.1, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, China, Cuba...we have many. When not filling the airwaves with our fears we get Anna, steriod killer wrestlers, Paris, and Victoria Beckham. Our national media and the current Bush Administration are marching to the same drumbeat. The drumbeat of fear.

If there is a rule, a regulation, a law...out in the ether, the current Bush Administration seeks to break it, destroy it, or subvert it. Wiretapping, executive privilege, Iraq, Afghanistan, the attorney scandal, subpoenas, voter fraud, no bid contracts, Tillman....We are facing a period in time where our response to these crises and challenges is critical. Our global persona throughout the world is in jeopardy, but most of all so is our Constitution, our rights, our pursuit of freedom. Where is the outrage?

This Administration and the media are not serving the interests of the United States. Within 6 short years they have kept a constant drumbeat of 'terror' in our daily lives. Isn't terrorism based on our fears! Generated and perpetuated by our enemies. The fear of the unknown. This is the bait. The prey is US and we have taken it. We need to stop the feeding frenzy.

In the '70's it took two bright eyed reporters from the Washington Post and a Washington 'insider' with a penchant for talking to break the cycle of abuse of power being committed in D.C.. Today, although there are great voices to be heard, the 'establishment' powers have effectively muzzled them. Sent them to greener pastures. Booted them off the bandwagon.

We the American people support our soldiers, we love our nation, yet we are told that if we don't follow instep with these 'wars' we are unpatriotic, defrauders of our military, participants in treason, liberals and worst of all 'Dissenters'. But who is dissenting? With poll ratings for the current administration hovering in the upper 20th to low 30th percentile, are they not the dissenters? Whose opinion is in the majority? Our Democrazy has spoken!, yet we go largely unheard.

'We the People' are lacking true 'representation'. The pillar of our Democrazy is being subverted. Our politicians and the media refuse to address our 'true' concerns. Lack of representation by both our policy makers and the media alike can only spell disaster for the future of our country.

Why no outrage? That is not correct. The people are outraged, but unseen and unheard on our newscasts. Everyday there are anti war, impeachment, and 9/11 protests that have gone unheard. Silenced by the media and the administration. For those that don't believe imagine a media that broadcast the 'realities of war'. That broadcast images of our sons, daughters, grandchildren, neighbors, co workers...coming home draped in the flag. Our media have perpetuated an administration sanctioned 'media blackout' of the ugliness of war. The true price that we pay for the 'war on terror' not some blown up numerical figure that is supposed to represent some value to the common citizen. Four years and not an ounce of blood shown on television. The neo cons learned something from Vietnam. That America could not sustain another war with the US national media watching. Remember the images of Vietnam? Could public support for the 'war on terror' be maintained if the gruesome images of the war were on our televisions...our newspapers.

It is true...Images speak a thousand words and those are the words being silenced. We all lose in the end. Stop the suppression.. Support our Constitution ......DISSENT. Same players. Different Scandal.

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