Monday, July 30, 2007

Video Redux: Stop the War..Draft College Republicans

Special thanks must be given to Max Blumenthal for documenting his adventures with the College Republicans. These 'chickenhawks' are a perfect replication of the current Administration. Similar to the Bush Administration, the chickenhawks believe in an asinine ideology...Neo Conservatism. Blumenthal's exposé of the college republicans displays the sad realization that America's greatest Hawks lack the courage to fight, yet persist in advocating position in opposition to the majority of their peers.

As their generation goes to battle and fights for what they believe is America, the college republicans voice their opinions from the comfort of their fraternity and sorority houses. Surrounded by like minded individuals, these hawks are complicit in maintaining the Status Quo. As a former member....Use your brain, 'my friends'...The GOP has been usurped. They are not the party which represents the future of American politics. Succumbing to the power is the easy part. Fighting injustice and realizing you were wrong....Priceless!

Join the MAJORITY!

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Militant Youth

The Angry Chickenhawk

Disappointed Republican...Courtesy of Motionstudy

An inspiration to All College Republicans

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