Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The 4th Branch..Dick versus the Media. Championship Bout

The national media, historically known as the 4th branch of government, has been ousted, supplanted, sent packing. Cheney and staff are right. They are the 'new' fourth branch. Secretive, manipulative, and Machiavellian to the core. They've claimed the title..and rightly so. 5 million missing emails, justice department subversion, secretive energy meeting, blocked testimonies, veiled threats...there is no end in sight, but best of all, the beltway crew is deftly afraid of them.

Bill Clinton received head from a fat girl and faced impeachment. Nixon lied, betrayed the nation and was forced to resign. Cheney. UNTOUCHABLE! The man is like kryptonite...he weakens everyone around him, then controls their every action. He is the finest example of Machiavelli'sthePrince in contemporary history. A true master puppeteer pulling the strings of government from his 4th branch office. One has to admire such disdain for the law and government apparatus as previously thought before the Bush Administration part II. The man has some huge cajones to make his claims and redefine history. But..He constantly gets away with it. Why?

Sure, try and cut funding to the office of the VP. Fat chance of it affecting anything. This is the Carlyle/Halliburton Administration. An executive branch not concerned with voters or even the likes of their party platform. Yet, not a word of Impeachment on our national media. The media should lose the title of '4th branch'. Not even talk of a censure. Come on. Represent American values. The news used too.

I remember a time when "around the world in 60 secs" seemed like a news brief. Now it would be considered a momentous occasion to get a full 60 seconds of REAL news. Instead we get one social expose after another, Paris, Anna Nicole, this wrestler steroid freak. and they tell us we "want" it. "the ratings demonstrate that this is what people watch" Whatever. That is what is offered! Where is the news?

So.. if the VP and his office want to declare themselves the 4th Branch, so be it. Until the National Media steps up to the challenge and does some real journalism, some real investigating, then the VP should hold the title. Take it away if you can.

This essay is by no means agreeing with Dicks' perversion, but a call to arms for the national media to represent and protect the people from the abuses of power. To protect the common man from injustice. Not silence the majority as is done today.

Woodward, Bernstein..where are you?.. Oh yeah, just part of the 'establishment' these days. Remember...they were once American Heroes, true investigative journalist, young, intelligent, unnerving. Now, just part of the illusion of free press. Sure write a scathing book..great hindsight. Press..Take back your title..become the 4th branch again. Be our watchdog on graft and corruption. Report on the Impeachment requests of a great percentage of the American public. At least we still have Keith Olbermann.

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