Monday, July 23, 2007

Pelosi vs. Plato...Revisting Nancy's 'table'

The following is a dialogue between the Speaker of the House and Plato. As the conversation continues Plato educates Nancy on his concepts of the Demiurge, the craftsman, not God of the of the physical universe, but an entity that 'shaped and fashioned' the universe. He lures Nancy into the concept that her 'table' is unrealizable. A figment of her imagination. Plato, a founding philosophical father of Western Civilization, pleads for Nancy Pelosi to reconsider her position and add articles of Impeachment back to her envisioned 'table'

Plato Nancy, Nancy, Nancy...what is this 'table' you envision? Why have you said "impeachment is off the table" when the table you see is not a reality. You see a table in your head which is pure perfection. The most beautiful table in the world. Immaculate it is. Infallible.

Pelosi That is true Plato...My dream table it is. So lovely and long, seats many, made of the best quality woods...Oh how I love my table.

Plato Yes, Nancy I'm sure your table is quite lovely in your head. Yet, I assure you that is a nonexistent table. That table you see. Pure imagination. Unrealizable.
Pelosi Why? you cast doubt of my most eloquent creation. My table is America. American Progress. When we won the election... the people spoke. They told us to move on. To get the Troops out of bring our sons and daughters not play to the republicans political game.. We will not take the nation down the distracting politics of Impeachment hearings.

Plato Nancy..Close your lips. Back to your table. Your table can never be built because the resources used in the material world are flawed. They can never measure up to the eloquent perfectly oriented materials in thy brain. For instance, when designing your table did you ever imagine the subpoenas, wire tapping, the executive privileges, the signing statements, the outright subversion of the American public.....were they part of your table? With a recent Gallop poll stating that 54% of the American public believes that VP Dick Cheney should be impeached...Do you not believe that you must quickly renovate your table? You electorate has spoken!

Pelosi I never understood you Plato. You're a old man.. Of the past. ...spewing nonsense. Why should I listen to you? The President, Congress, and the Judiciary are hashing out our problems. They are just thwarting US at every step along the way...

Plato Rome fell Nancy....So will American Democrazy...Save Democrazy for your grandchildren. Do you want them to look back at you and say ' grandma, why did you participate with the Bush Administration in the deconstruction of the Constitution and the fall of Democrazy? Why did you not put Impeachment on the table? Grandma, my history books do not say kind words of you. They say you sat idly by, sleeping the Senate coatroom....Did the ends justify the means, Grandma? For we now have a perverted form of Democrazy that you helped create. That you America spoke...Why didn't you listen?

Pelosi They would never say such things of me. I can't say enough and more loudly. Impeachment would bring the nations politics to a standstill. We can not afford a standstill. ...yaddayadda

Plato The people within the Bush regime may not care about how they will be perceived in history, but you do Nancy. You are accountable to your citizens. You can make a difference. Let your voice be heard. Imagine another table. A table that includes the flaws of the materials themselves. They have committed crimes punishable crimes. That Machiavellian group of Princes in the the WH are subverting the foundations of American Democrazy. The Nixon presidency tried to do the same. The same people involved in those crimes are involved with these. Same Players. Different Scandal.

Pelosi Perhaps I should reconsider....

Plato You must or Cindy is sure to bring the rage. Listen to your constituency not the money. Look out Nancy. Citizens of the world are watching..Please be ready to reconsider your table?

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