Sunday, July 29, 2007

4th Branch Membership Requirement: Yale Alumni Mandatory

America needs new leadership. For the last 28 years Yale Alumni have been running the executive branch. From 1981 to 2008 either the office of the Vice President or the President himself was a Yale grad. Reagan had George H.W. Bush for 8 years as VP (1981 - '89), then H.W. for 4 yrs. as President(1989 - '93), Bill Clinton for 8 yrs. (1993 - '01), and unfortunately it looks like 'W' will get his full 8 yrs in the Oval Office as well (2001 - ?). What is Yale teaching our political elite while they attended Yale? and why do we continue to elect them?

Twenty eight years of Yale leadership is way too long. Our Ivy league schools produce countless numbers of graduates each year and these are the leaders we choose. From Iran Contra, to Whitewater, to Attorneygate....these 'fellas are all scandalous. One thing they all have in common... an ivy league Yale education. Does Yale not teach ethics and values or honesty and integrity. Why has this group of grads let US down?

Sure, Yale produces other outstanding graduates, but this group, they've stood out. They have wielded the political and military power of the strongest NATION in the world...the United States of America for almost three entire decades without interruption. America needs new leadership. A leader that has not been through the Machiavellian tactics training at Yale. We need a leader from a different 'school of thought', we need a political paradigm shift.

Currently Hillary Clinton is the only Yale alum in the 2008 Presidential Election race. Stop the insanity...whether Republican or Democrat...America needs a break from Yale Executive leadership. Placing another Yale graduate in the White House in 2008 is not a change. It will only perpetuate our current foreign and domestic follies. American politics will remain... Business as usual.

Contemporary Notable Yale Alumni

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi Taliban Spokesman
Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ernesto Zedillo(former President of Mexico) Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Hillary Clinton, John Ashcroft, Gary Hart, Howard Dean, Dean Acheson, Les Aspin, Porter Goss, Stephen Hadley, John Negroponte, Strobe Talbott, Paul Bremer, Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Kagan, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, David Gergen.....the list is endless.
* Dick Cheney was kicked out of Yale. Instead he started his own post graduate fraternity....The 4th Branch
Free America from our NeW 'hOmeland'. Return US back to a Nation. Twenty eight years of contemporary Yale leadership has thwarted American progress worldwide. Returning a Yale grad to the White House in 2008 would only continue the cycle of Business As Usual.

Same Players. Different Scandal. GOP 'wet dream'...democracy subverted

Special note....Joe Biden is also from Yale...Looks like Hill has her VP


Anonymous said...

yep. we don't need Hillary, another Yalie in the big house.

newssophisticate, do you have a profile?

M. Frederick Voorhees said...

Great post. I think you're discussing a symptom rather than the actual disease. Ivy League elitism is just one of the many ways the rich get richer and become more powerful in our country. We all buy into this notion that an Ivy League education makes a person superior to the rest of us. So even when someone like Bush Jr. gets a legacy admit to Yale and jerks off for four years, we perceive him as qualified to lead the free world. Once we hand over power to them, privileged people will institute policies that benefit fellow rich folks and corporations; after all, the money that got them into Yale came from the same pot that got them elected.

I agree that 28 straight years of Yale presidents is an odd coincidence, but I'm just as suspicious of Romney's Harvard, Obama's Columbia, Giuliani's NYU, etc. Only a certain type of individual attends elite private schools, and they tend not to be the type to have the middle class in mind. It's interesting that the three most genuine candidates (Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Mike Gravel) graduated from Gettysburg College, Case Western, and Assumption College, respectively. They have the least clout and in my view are most committed to truly representing "the people." Yet the rich elites from the fancier universities have managed to convince "the people" that Paul, Kucinich, and Gravel are crazy. Ironic.