Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why Buy when you can Rent...Blackwater USA Revisited

With all the 'chatter' in Washington over Al Qaeda 2.0.1's reemergence, Meirs and crews contempt of court, immigration amnesty, and most recent the Congressional sleepover one would think that our democratic policymakers are pushing forward to address the concerns of the American public. Is this the case though? While focusing on these 'episodes' we should not forget about the others.

Currently the US Constitution is under attack. The Bush Administration, with the media in tow, are selling out the foundations of America. The very essence of our democrazy. Most recently our administration have posed the justifications of a 4th branch of government, usurping our historical 3 branches and hiding their crimes from our lawmakers and the American public alike. They are following their own policy of 'cut and run', not from war, but from the American public. Together, both our media and Bush Administration have lost their focus of protecting and informing the nation. Of protecting the virtues laid down for US in our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Our senators do not need another sleepover, they have been asleep for the last six years. The use and support of Blackwater USA in the Bush Administration is their most serious folly and crime against America. Cheney might have claimed rights to a 'new' 4th branch of government, but in total, the Administration HAVE created a new branch of our military. The military 6th branch. The days of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and even the National Guard are finished. There is a new armed force in town and they are not responsible to the American public, government, or military. They are Blackwater USA. America's new soldier of 'fortune'.

The Bush Administration has successfully added Blackwater USA to the list of military 'options' the U.S. has in its arsenal. This 'new option' is strikingly similar to the Bush Administration in that both claim their actions are not subject to judicial review and oversight. They ARE 'national security'. Can't talk about it.. Sorry America. Executive privilege. Try again...the Administration has subverted you again.

Another addition to the security apparatus for our new 'Homeland', Blackwater USA, is an ominous threat to the destruction of the pillars of our great nation. Currently Blackwater is spreading out across the nation and abroad. Building training facilities, 'bases', hiring 'sub(machine gun)contractors', acquiring defense and aviation companies, and hiring top CIA and former military officials. They are truly forming a privately funded military. Does this not sound familiar to how Al Qaeda functions. Secret training bases, military training tactics, video propaganda, privately funded 'religious' warriors...........Where is the Outrage? If this were any other corporation would this be happening? Blackwater USA is this Administrations response to 9/11 and the 'war on terror' Al Qaeda for the United States, if you will.

We already have a military, a federal and state police force, a national guard, a coast guard, and countless other 'security' divisions within the U.S. The 'war on terror' is consuming our American military force abroad...the majority of our National Guard troops are deployed, we are under a constant 'national security threat' on our soil, our southern border is porous flowing with illegal drugs, immigrants, and weapons....yet our nations media and political leaders play 'sleep over'.

Do we really need/want a privatized 'corporate army'? Especially with no oversight.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

Bush on Blackwater

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Freedem said...

You missed the deeper story. It is not just that Blackwater is a private army with no actual loyalty or control by the United States "kinda like Al Queda" , that is that they are to Christianity what Al Queda is to Islam, A powerful armed force that wishes to install a vicious totalitarian theocracy any place they can.
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