Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where have all the Insurgents Gone?

Just one month ago I couldn't turn on the television without hearing about the 'insurgents' next move, their current Iraq IED bombing campaign, waring factions within, newest botched plans, etc. Now I can't find them anywhere. Not even on FOX news. Nor from Tony Snow the White House Press Secretary. Where have all the Insurgents gone?

Currently, our national media has re dubbed all these insurgents with the " Al Qaeda" tag. Have all of these 'sectarian insurgents' all joined up with Al Qaeda? I am thinking not. So why all the fuss? Why all the confusion?

The insurgents represented diverse groups within Iraq with differing opinions and tactics used. In one way or another their actions created series of chaotic and deadly events for our military in Iraq. They were not a unified bunch of bullies and terrorists in Iraq. Definitely not unified under the extremist views of Al Qaeda...or even Al Qaeda Iraq.

Now under the new Iraq umbrella..they are all Al Qaeda. The one common enemy that we all know. The people who took down our towers in NYC, but not our pride and dignity as a nation. That is who Al Qaeda is. Osama and his crew of Islamic subverters. The 'high jackers' of Islam. Not the diverse groups of 'insurgents' in Iraq who are fighting for local social, economic, and political power. True, the insurgents hold the common belief that they do not want the U.S. in Iraq, but their concerns are local. Not Al Qaeda global jihad.

I must say the media switch was brilliant. Slowly build the 'buzz' of terror escalating in Iraq with diverse insurgent groups, then boom lump them as one common enemy, Al Qaeda. It refocuses the Iraq War. Lumping all these insurgents as Al Qaeda seeks to legitimise our actions. The reason why we supposedly went to war in the first place. We remember Colin Powell at the United Nations. Cheney muttering his hatred, Rummey telling us to believe, Zalmay Kahlilzad as the one stop source of the info., the Kristol con job, the 'axis of evil' State of the Union Address. We remember and bit the bait. We chewed it all up, after all...it was a 'Slam Dunk', and then went to war blindly.

Fools we were and now the Al Qaeda 'chatter' amongst our newscasts is as strong as ever. Beware. Here comes another farce, another spectacle, another perversion of Truth laid onto U.S. by our press, the current Bush Administration and the war mongers at American Enterprise Institute. Stop the 'chatter'...get U.S. out of Iraq and back to the "real" military mission...the so called "war on terror". The never ending war. The clash of civilizations, if you will. As Carl Von Clausewitz had stated in 1827..."war is politics by other means." The true question is...Do the ends truly justify the means of "mission accomplished". Oh yeah. This isn't a surge...It is an Escalation!

Same Players. Different Scandal.


Jerry said...

It is a resistance against an occupation. It is not a war and it is not an insurgency. Resistance fighters are legitimate when they are fighting an occupation and a puppet government set up by the occupying power. The war was commissioned by the Cheney Secret Energy Task Force which included Ken Lay, Condaleeza Rice, and who knows how many Global Oil CEO's who were pressing for the Bush Administration to find a way to privatize Middle East Oil. Bush and Cheney work for the oil corporations, not the American People. We could have bought the oil, we didn't have to fight a war for the oil corporations to steal it. The so called terrorists about which Bush speaks are merely people fighting against the theft and exploitation of their recources. American Emperialism has a price, and that price is resistance from those who are being exploited. Bush thinks that if he forces our troops to stay long enough that the Iraq hydrocarbon law will be put into effect. That law was written in America by the oil corporations for whom Bush and Cheney work. The resistance will not end until the occupation and the exploitation end.

David said...

Nice work Jerry. Great Comments and plenty of research material for me as well. Thanks

Via said...

I call this grouping not al Qaeda, but "al Kinda".