Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The New McCarthyism: Democrats are the new Commies

Since 2001 the American government has been in turmoil. The attacks on the World Trade Center has throttled America into a new era, an era similar to the hysteria of late 1940's through the '50's. Termed 'McCarthyism' , the witch hunt for communist sympathizers ran rampant through American social, political, and economic circles. Affecting all aspects of life, McCarthyism tore the nation apart in search of the 'presumed threat' of a communist agent working within. Suspicion ruled the day. Average citizens, politicians, educators, artists, film producers.....No one was safe from the prying eyes of the McCarthy snoops. Thousands of Americans were accused of either being a communist or a sympathizer of them. Strikingly similar to our current national position. The Democrats are the new Communists.

Lately, the GOP and their mouthpiece, FOX News, have been preaching that the Democrats are weak on terror, don't support our soldiers, anti religious, and worst of all...Supporters of the Terrorist cause. What the hell is going on. Are we returning to the Witch Hunt? America is facing similar threats to that of the 1950's. As the fears increase of a nuclear capable Iran, the rise of Al Qaeda 2.0.1, the Taliban, and Pakistan, the GOP are pushing American governance back into history. Into a dark period where the Constitution and Bill of Rights were subverted to protect 'national security'. Stop the madness.

"The Democrats and those who support them" are not the enemy. We are not wild eyed, crazy leftists who support terrorism or anything related to it. We are TRUE Americans. Whatever happened to debate and discourse. Diplomacy and integrity. Where is my nation going...Are we becoming a 'homeland'? Questioning the government is American. The government and those elected to fill representative positions need to have a watchdog. They need a chaperon. That chaperon, is US the 'alternative media', those who check the accuracy of the Administration, their policies, their lies. Therefore, we are the 'presumed threat'. If you're not on the GOP 'war of terror' bandwagon...Be afraid..you are in their own words...'those who support them'.

Normally the Department of Justice would be acting as chaperon..the guardians of justice, but it has been completely subverted by Bush Administration and GOP loyalists. The Democrats are all, we the people, have left to protect US, our Constitution, and our inalienable rights from the Witch Hunt. This sham has gone on too long. The U.S. government is at a standstill. The Bush Administration is pursuing a strategy that is dividing America through the use of fear, terror tactics, signing statements, and executive orders.

The absurdity of the dialogue being espoused by the GOP and FOX News are creating an era of a new McCarthyism. A return to an era that America is ashamed of. Have we not learned? Is history forgotten so quickly? The Democrats are attempting to preserve our rights, freedom of speech, the right the assemble....nothing to due with supporting terrorists and the like. Get real...Americans are not as idiotic as our 'Resident in the Oval Office' and his Administration of 'experts'.

Free America. Impeach. Two thirds of the country want a NATION...the other GOP one third...Want a 'homeland'. Free America from it's GOP captures. We are not hostages. The 'Democrats and those who support them' must stand up and end the subversion of FOX news and the GOP.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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DetainThis said...

Very well put together blogsite, NS.

Dems are definitely made to be the scapegoat, and it seems the only way to defeat that bullying and castigation is for them to stand up and say screw this! We're impeaching! We're bringing the troops home! The People have spoken! The only way to beat a bully is to stand up to him, or at least try. (Dream on, right? lol)

I find myself almost equally as frustrated with Deomcrats as I am with the fringe-right Republicans.

Someone needs to kick Pelosi & Co. in the pants and get that impeachment train rolling fast. I was really pissed when, back on March 12, Pelosi and other Dems removed from a war spending bill that provision which would've required Bush to seek Congressional approval before attacking Iran. As it turns out, Pelosi & Co. buckled to pressure from AIPAC and other warhawk lobbyists. (I hope Sheehan runs and whoops up on Pelosi next election cycle.)

Whoda thunk it, that most Congresspeople are more motivated by career and kick-back than they are by their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution. Even if it means sending us into a third world war, it's all good, because at least they won't lose their jobs; miss out on that extra zero in the income column; or be called anti-Semitic, anti-American, or a terrorist appeaser.

Again: Great blog, NS. Keep up the very nice—and highly prolific—work.