Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hear the Drumbeat? Bush Administration locked in on Pakistan: Reviving Pakistan's Anti American Sentiments

What can the United States buy for 10 billion US dollars?

One Pakistani President, 80,000 Pakistani military troops, a Taliban resurgence, and a government financed 'cave' in the mountains with a lovely view for Al Qaeda and company. Aaahhh, money well spent I see.
"I don't think we should have a great expectation of this, given the tribal dynamics. There are deep-seated, long historical dynamics that I think are going to make that a challenge." stated Undersecretary of Defense James Clapper while testifying before the House Intelligence and Armed Services Committees

" do we in Congress justify to the American people writing checks for billions of dollars to a regime that may not be the partner against terrorism the United States needs it to be, but may actually be hurting national security interests of the United States and our allies." stated Congressman Christopher Shays
For the Bush Administration this a Slam Dunk! A no brainer. A discounted rate. Yet, 6 years of payments for Musharraf's military support in the war of terror has produced little if any credible results for the United States. Watch out Pakistan. The Bush neo cons are you hear their drumbeat.....they want their war dollars spent....diplomacy need not apply.

These neo con warmongers within the Bush Administration have lost there minds. Are they kidding. What the hell are they thinking supplying Pakistan with all these funds? Pakistan is not loyal to the United States. Why should they be. In fact the people of Pakistan are not even loyal to Musharraf himself, yet alone his government.
"Al Qaida is now in a part of Pakistan that is largely inaccessible to Pakistani forces, the Pakistani government...the population that does exist there has always been outside the control of Islamabad and is sympathetic to al Qaida, both in terms of its religious ideology as well as their tribal traditions of hospitality to outsiders." James Clapper

Would you want to be loyal to a President that came to power through a military coup, rented out your soldiers, your politics, your country, and your voice to another sovereign nation? I don't believe so.

Bush, Cheney, Kristol, Ahmadinejad...all those that have a penchant for war. Slow down. Stop with the drumbeat of fear and veiled threats of attacking other sovereign countries. Bombs do not speak louder than words. They only speak of the ignorance of their leaders who commit to using them. Diplomacy has not failed was never tried. Talk of invading either Pakistan or Iran is utterly futile. Where are we gonna get the troops? Does Bush Administration really want to have a 4 state war? Talk like this is ridiculous.

Where are the troops going to come from? It will not be Pakistanis. Haven't the Bush regime learned anything? If the U.S. military would have not relied on the Afghan 'warriors' at Tora Bora would this escalation even be taken place? Momma always said " if you want something done right...Do it yourself". The time for doing it ourselves has passed. We have not lost. We have not won. The only losers in this are the soldiers on either side who fight for their country, not for the foreign policies of their respective governments.

If the Bush regime needs reasons to not invade Pakistan I have them. In fact I have roughly 160 million of them. With a median age of 21 years old , the 160+ million Pakistani population is ripe for more anti American distrust and hatred

"I can think of no quicker way of turning all of Pakistan against the anti-terrorism goals that are so important to the United States and turning the Pakistan army into a hostile force" said Teresita C. Schaffer, Center for Strategic and International Studies.

If we are trying to fight terrorism, perhaps we should not meddle in Pakistan's internal affairs. Much less bank roll a president who much of the population is unhappy with. The people of Pakistan do not need to see America's campaign of 'shock' and 'awe'.

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