Saturday, July 21, 2007

Taliban Rising...Pakistan aids the Resurgence with U.S. Culpability

The Taliban seems to be on quite a spree lately. You remember the Taliban, right? Those militant Afghan guys. Looks like these 'fellas are following the same playbook as Al Qaeda 2.0.1. Within the last week the Taliban has gone on a spree of terrorism. For their celebratory kick start back in the media they set off a bomb and killed 6 cops, canceled the 10 month peace deal with the Pakistani government, kidnapped a bus load of 22 South Korean tourists, and as of Saturday......are threatening to kill all of them if their demands are not met.

Let me get this straight. The Taliban are resurrecting too! How is this possible? For the last 5 years we have been giving our blood, patience, and money to support these 'wars'. It's not just
Al Qaeda, but our first enemy...the one that supported the very existence of Osama and his 'vision'...whose leaders are thought to be hiding out in Bill Kristols' newest target, Pakistan.

Perhaps we need to lo
ok at this picture at a broader angle. In Iraq we are now arming our former enemy insurgents. In Pakistan, we are renting 80,000 Pakistani troops to guard the Pakistan/Afghan border against Taliban incursions, contracting Blackwater USA to provide logistics and support for diplomats in Iraq and 'relief' for Hurricane Katrina....what the hell is going on. What's that old saying... "if you want something done right....Do it Yourself". Stop the 'sub machine gun' contracting.

As citizens we pay enormous amounts of our income in taxes. The majority of that is going into 'defense' spending, yet we can't win against these supposed 'incapable enemies'. Here's a thought.....Stop arming them!

Within the last 30 years we have armed Iraq, then Iran, then Iraq again, constantly armed Israel, In terms of the Taliban...AKA Osama....well. See its all not that tricky. We armed them too. We provided the 'support and operations' through Pakistan for their Taliban neighbors next door fighting the Soviets. This has been stated many times before. Still we never learn. Blowback Sucks. Same Players. Different Scandal.

Currently what troubles me is Pakistan's degree of involvement. Bill Kristol is ramping up his warmongering rhetoric about invading Pakistan, yet at the same time he and his neo con bedfellows are arming the Pakistani military at the same time. But are they truly arming Pakistan?

Throughout history Pakistan has been pro Taliban. In fact, only 2 countries recognized the Talibani governance. Pakistan was one. Why would Pakistan be considerate to the needs of the Taliban? Because the traditional enemy of Pakistan is India to the East. Afghanistan and the Taliban lies on their western border and has historically been 'calm', a non threatening regime to their west. Pakistan has traditional deployed the majority of their army on their eastern border with India.Aaahhh the times have changed and its coming back to bite every participant in the scandalous business of arms dealing in the 'bum'. Currently Musharraf's' regime in Pakistan is under attack by pro Taliban forces. Under Attack...literally a stones throw from their Parliament.

How is the Taliban rearming themselves and gaining strength while we are pursuing them fiercely in the 'war on terror'? PRO TALIBAN. Always has been and will continue to be. They are not an ally in the war on terror. Their president may be...but not their public. Here we are...renting the Pakistani army to protect against the Taliban and patrol to tribal regions of Pakis
tan. Give me a break. What are the chances for graft and corruption to influence the flow of money? Do you really think that the Pakistani military, students, and public are loyal to the government? If that were the case then Osama and crew would not be in 'protected custody' in the tribal regions of Pakistan. They would not be hiding out in these 'grandiose caves' we keep hearing about. Bedfellows they are.

Of the 2 billion dollars in American military aid given to Pakistan each year, undoubtedly so some is being diverted into the pro Taliban tribal regions themselves. We are only adding kindling to the fire and if Kristol and the Bush regime get their way....
It will not be a minor blaze...these Machiavellian asses are seeking a forest fire and are sure to get it. Impeach now before we lose total control of our democrazy.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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