Friday, July 27, 2007

4th Branch readies itself for another Hospital Visit

The 4th Branch is readying himself to go back into the hospital to get his batteries replaced for his heart defibrillator. Apparently George and his 'compassionate conservatism' has been a little much for Cheney's poor heart.

What will America do without the 4th Branch?

Cheney's doctors have reassured 'w' that all the right tools are being used.
"we have ordered a 2,500 piece Craftsman set of tools and have enlisted the services of Jiffy Lube, we spare no expenses to preserve the 4th Branch. Rest assured...he is in good hands. All of his oil lines and valves will be throughly scrubbed and replaced if necessary."
The entire 4th Branch will be in the George Washington University Hospital. The question remains... will the 4th Branch sign over control of the country to 'W' and the executive branch during his hospital visit? For a person that doesn't seem to have a heart, he sure needs it 'checked' regularly. In an astounding comment by the WH press regime,
"it's okay...the 4th doesn't need his heart anyway. This is only a routine oil change. The 4th Branch strictly follows his doctors orders and gets his oil changed every 3,000 lies have been told to the American public. As long as we effectively preserve his Machiavellian brain, the country will persist on it's present course. Today is just another day, business as usual. Now, stop asking questions. Haven't you guys heard...Nicole Ritchie is going to jail. Stop covering US and the 4th Branch. This press conference is over we have more crimes to commit, more laws to subvert, and more soldiers to send to war"

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