Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Musharraf vs. Bush: Allied in Al Qaeda and Taliban ReSURGEence

Since 2001 George W. Bush and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf have been the most peculiar partners in the 'war on terror'. The Bush regime has insisted that Pakistan is a great ally to the United States to fight terrorism within the region. Securing billions of dollars in aid, Pakistan has been consuming immeasurable amounts of US dollars, military aid, and Intel to fight terrorism from within their borders and tribal regions.

With the recent reemergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda worldwide, is it not likely that these, billions, are being diverted into the pro Taliban, pro Osama, tribal regions of Pakistan? Let us take a closer look at the respective leaders of these two countries.

Currently in both the United States and Pakistan, the majority of the population do not believe in the policies pursued by their leaders. Both leaders are unpopular with the public. Both had come to power in 'compromising conditions' . Musharraf with a military coup and Bush in an electoral coup; two disputed elections. Whereas Bush uses the Supreme Court to rationalize and hide his unjust actions, Musharraf subverts them by suspending their Chief Justice of Pakistani courts, so he can run for another term in a 'pseudo democratic election' again. Should we begin to worry about Bush claiming a 'national security threat' and therefore trying to suspend our 2008 Elections, as well? Feel the fear America. Hear the drumbeat of the warmongers. Kristol and the American Enterprise Institute are not whispering. They are increasing their rhetoric.

Both leaders are continuing a war that the country does not support. In Pakistan, the people are in revolt because Musharraf is pursuing 'small scale' military actions against the tribal border regions of Pakistan. Pakistan has traditionally been supportive of both the Taliban and Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda. Of the two countries which acknowledged the Taliban politically, Pakistan was one. With the recent revelation that the US is renting 80,000 Pakistani troops each month to 'surge' against the tribal regions, Musharraf is defying the concerns of his people. Sub 'machine gun' contractors are no longer just limited to Blackwater USA in Iraq. Welcome our newest contractor...Musharraf's Pakistan.

The United States has stated that keeping Musharraf in power is a paramount concern to US interests within the region and in the global 'war on terror' stating,
"Musharraf's autocratic rule is preferable to what might replace it: a nuclear-armed, fundamentalist regime sympathetic to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban."
What do we have with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in power? What does 10 billion dollars in U.S aid over the last six years pay for?.. more of the same...A Pakistan that is a
"...nuclear-armed, fundamentalist regime sympathetic to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban."
The Musharraf regime is no better than the Bush regime. Both are complicit in rearming Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Both are adding fuel to the 'war on terror' and our soldiers are used as the kindling. Both have promised to go after 'terrorists', billions have been spent on this pursuit and all we are left with is an increased 'terrorist threat', a cheese bomb, our rights subverted into privileges, and a constant drumbeat of fear added to the soundtrack of our lives.

Good Job 'allies'...thanks for wasting money, time, trust, respect, and lives. War profiteers.

Same Players. Different Scandal.

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