Friday, July 13, 2007

Bush: Countdown to Disaster

With recent reports of legendary neo con war monger William "Bill" Kristol pontificating on the Bush Administration to act on Pakistan within the next few weeks to months, it is almost assured that the U.S. will take action.

Stating, "I think the president's going to have to take military action there over the next few weeks or months. ... Bush has to disrupt that sanctuary." to the Fox and Friends crew. These words should not be taken lightly. With Kristols' clout within the Bush Administration, these words should be taken quite seriously. Kristols' words are not soft whispers. When Kristol speaks...the Carlyle/Halliburton Administration listens attentively.

Kristol is not a whipping boy. He whips others into line and they follow in tow. An excellent source of neo con ideology, Kristol, is a chief architect of the Bush Foreign Policy by acting as the media mouth for the Oval Office, the new '4th Branch', and the repugnacan Party. He knows how to get people to jump and follow along. Being a senior fellow of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Kristol and AEI crew have created the guidelines for this administration. Never before has AEI been such a dangerous force within the White House. Although represented in all administrations, AEI currently has over 20 fellows working within Bush Administration in top level positions. If one looks at King Georges nominations for any relevant position AEI is strongly represented. AEI is the Carlyle/Halliburton Administration! So when one of their own makes such strong statements we should observe closely because another farce on the American public is about to explode.

"I think, frankly, we won't even tell Musharraf...We'll do what we have to do in Western Pakistan and Musharraf can say, 'Hey, they didn't tell me.", stated Kristol on the issue of military action against Pakistan.

For the last month we, the public, have been hearing about the re emergence of Al Qaeda 2.0.1. Fully armed and coming to a town near you. Chertoff has a 'gut feeling' and so does Kristol. His gut is telling Bush to act now and continue this farce on the American public. Its time to feed the "one common enemy" theme and find a way to continue and spread this so called "war on terror". Be worrisome America. Kristol and his Machiavellian crew have sent the marching orders up the chain of command. It will only be a short time before another "action" or "terrorist" incident occurs again. Let's just hope it's not on our soil.

Which is first..Pakistan or Iran? We all know this war hungry Carlyle/Halliburton Administration needs to be fed the blood of others to persist. Bring our boys home and spend the money on them, their families, their future. Not on maintaining our current Military Industrial Complex and the war mongering postering by the AEI.

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