Monday, July 23, 2007

TIME 2007 Person of the Year "YouTube debate is a Farce"

Screaming at the top of his lungs, TIME Magazine's 2007 Person of the Year,
"...this is a complete mockery. YouTube enabled me to express myself without the censorship of the national press. That is what gave me my voice. The reason behind myself becoming a national sensation. The CNN/YouTube debate is a farce."
A preliminary report of the CNN/YouTube debate finds that Generation Y and X were not represented honestly. The hard questions that have been asked in the alternative media, schools, coffee houses... will not be heard. The voices of 2 generations silenced.
"....the nation will watch. The young voters will be outraged. Their questions will have been placed on the back burner and fluff will come to the top. YouTubers and the blogosphere will decry these are not our questions. These are the questions the media want the public to hear. Not what the majority of 2 generations believe. They want the system to Revolt. To bring the nation back to the public. Back to the People. To Impeach Bush and Company. We were not HEARD!" TIME 20007 Person of the Year.
Our country, our democrazy, our judiciary...are being subverted. The Bush Administration are erecting their own private Plutocracy, building a corporate Army,
subverting the Constitution.....Wait no longer.

No more committees, no more review panels, no more discussions.....end this Administration NOW. They are the 'national security threat' Same Players. Different Scandal.

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